The Top 3 Ways Probate Attorneys Can Change Your Business

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It’s amazing how many real estate investors are doing it wrong…99% of them! They go around in circles, stunting their own success, not realizing there’s a better way to do it!

I’m talking about using probate attorneys to get homes to buy through the probate process. Not leads, but ATTORNEYS!

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Probate attorneys are the superhero your business needs. Instead of relying on leads which can eat up your precious time, probate attorneys give your business the POWER it needs so you can rake in the fat profits in A LOT LESS time!

Don’t know what probate actually means? I’ll discuss it here.

Curious how other real estate investors are doing it wrong? I’ll tell you!

Want to know how to use probate to your advantage? You’ll find out here.

Need to know why this source is so powerful? We’ll talk about that too!

What “probate” means

Probate is a legal term that refers to a person’s estate after they die. It is the process that everything in the person’s will goes through, basically to prove to a court of law that the will is valid. A lot of times, this includes a home or piece of property. This process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of years.

Why this source is so powerful

Knowing this will leave your competition in the dust! There are three big reasons why this source has the ability to change your entire business:

  1. Most probate properties MUST be sold to settle the estate. Attorneys get paid when the estate is settled, so they want it to be sold as much as you do!
  2. Most probate properties don’t have mortgage liens on them. In most cases, they have been owned for many years by the same people. This is good news for you!
  3. A lot of these homes need repairs and updates. They are likely to need more work put into them than the loved ones have the energy to deal with. Plus, most won’t want to spend the money on the repairs. This means the properties will be cheaper for you, as well as a good deal for the family of the deceased and the attorney of the estate.

How most real estate investors are doing it wrong

A shocking 99% of investors do this all wrong because they’ve been taught the wrong way. This is great news for the smart real estate investors (like yourself) because you get to tap into the HOTTEST leads on the planet…FOR FREE!

To understand how to do this the RIGHT WAY, you should see how the other 99% do it COMPLETELY WRONG. Most real estate investors (the ones who are not as sharp as you) market to the estate where the home is in probate. This means they are more likely than not sending direct mail to the executor of the estate. If they go so far as to contact the executor of the estate, they will probably be nasty and rude, pushing you off the phone. Because, why are YOU calling them to buy something they ALMOST ALWAYS have an emotional attachment to?

Think about it from your perspective…if you were the one who suffered the loss of a loved one, would you want some stranger contacting you about the house in the estate? NO! In that instance, you would want to deal with the attorney and your family and loved ones. THAT’S IT! These sellers are the same. So wouldn’t it be SO MUCH BETTER to have the attorney do the contacting for you, especially since they already have a relationship with their client?

That’s why ALMOST ALL other real estate investors are attacking this wrong. So in this system, we’ve put a SPIN on this process!

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How to use probate to your advantage

This is the REALLY COOL part. By building relationships with attorneys, you can become the FIRST CALL for them, once they get a new case. They want to help you because the quicker they get this property sold, the quicker the estate gets settled…and the quicker THEY get paid. This means FAST profits for you!

So where do you start?

  1. Go to the website of the county’s probate court where you are looking for homes
    • Example: Google search: “Montgomery County, Ohio probate”
    • Search for cases on the site
      • You can search by year or whatever filter you like
    • Find the attorney in the case record
      • This should include the attorney’s name and phone number, at the very least
  2. Insert the names and phone numbers into a spreadsheet
    • You MUST have this organized for it to run smoothly for you
  3. Find out which attorney on your list has the most cases
    • THIS is who you start with

When you call these attorneys, there is a script that has been TESTED and is PROVEN to get positive results. In general, here’s what you need to say:

“Hi, [name]. My name is [name]. I’m local to the [whichever] area and I have access to $5 million for buying properties and I need to liquidate this money. Do you have any clients who need to sell a home right now?”

Let me make sure I tell you that IT’S OKAY if you don’t have the money in hand to buy these properties. As an REU Premium member, you have access to lenders who are READY to fund your deals, as long as they are GOOD deals.

When you do this, you will be singing sweet songs to these attorneys. The thing is, they DON’T have investors banging down their doors to make connections. That’s why this HOT LEAD SOURCE is so incredible for you!

YOUR GOAL needs to be to build rapport with the attorneys and to get a list of current probate properties. You can do this by following up with the attorneys on a regular basis. Pay them a visit, take them out for coffee, do something that will keep you on their mind. This way, they will think of YOU FIRST when they have properties that need sold.

Here are the three BIG things you need to know:

  1. Attorneys have multiple homes to sell
  2. They have NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to the properties
  3. They get paid when the estate is settled

Now, I can’t fit everything into one blog post, so I really break down the probate process in our members area.I highly recommend that you sign up for a free REU account and get inside for some VERY hidden systems like this to find deals that nobody else on the planet can find…except REU members.

You’ll never see the results until you take the action. Seriously, you gotta implement this right away!

See you soon!
Johnny C

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