How To Setup ANY House To Sell In 7 Days Or Less

On today’s Systems Saturday, John Cochran will share with you how we set all of our homes up for a 7 day sale. When you setup any house to sell in 7 days or less, it really comes down to knowing who you target buyer is and then speaking to them in your marketing EXACTLY […]

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3 Examples of Dangerous and Illegal Wholesaling

This Week Only John Cochran (REU CEO) will be hosting a webinar that will make 99% of Real Estate Investors eyes pop out of their head when it comes to how they’re wholesaling homes illegally by just doing everything that they’ve been taught by the rich guru’s. John has brought on a very respected and […]

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How 1 Seller Lead Strategy Can Turn Into 100 Deals A Year

The Real Estate Market we’re in right now is very tricky and leaving Investors throughout the entire country confused on where the “Good Deals” — that we can make some serious money on — are hiding. It’s interesting… here in Ohio our business has grown 388% with no lack of seller leads and all of […]

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Real Estate U Success Story: Travis Makes 12K in 7 Days From Wholesaling

It doesn’t get anymore real than watching a REU student wholesale a deal from start to finish. Travis uses a strategy that we teach in our 90 Day Business Transformation that is literally printing money in today’s Real Estate market. Take notes and watch how he makes 12K in just 7 days by wholesaling this […]

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[REU Student Success] Caroline Reynolds Shares how she made a $16,348 Wholesale Fee from a Code Violation

On this weeks Systems Saturday, Caroline lets the cat out of the bag on how she made over $16,000 from a Code Violation. She also discusses other strategies she’s currently doing, her plans for the future, and John gives her some advice that YOU can rip off and use in YOUR Real Estate Business.

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How to Sell The “Impossible House” in 7 Days or Less

In today’s Systems Saturday you’ll learn the strategies that John Cochran uses to sell a house when working with a seller who “wants” to sell their house but is very strict with the marketing they allow. He sells all his properties in 7 days or less and this one is no exception.

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[Split Test Results] 2 Tests Using Tax Delinquent Lists

In today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran of REU is giving the results on his most result split test using Tax Delinquent lists. We all know him as ‘The King of Systems’ but you could also call him ‘The King of Research’. Watch today’s video to learn what he tested and how it played out.

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[REU Student Success] Dennis Peavy makes 40K from a Sheriff Sale Flip

In today’s Systems Saturday we are taking you straight to the top and John will be interviewing Dennis Peavy of Kettering Ohio as he just bought a property using 1 of REU’s 26 systems for finding deals. Find out which one he used AND learn the 3 systems Dennis will focus on as a full […]

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2 Untapped Lead Sources For FREE Real Estate Seller Leads

In today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran of REU is going to deliver the goods and even had to bring a powerhouse guest to squeeze out of him how he just put 12 deals under contract from 2 untapped seller lead sources. A lot to learn and rip off from Travis in this episode as you […]

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