7 Proven Ways to Find HOT Buyers

7 Proven Ways to Find HOT Buyers In this Systems Saturday, John Cochran will break down a deliver the 7 Proven Ways to Find HOT Real Estate Buyers. Anytime you have a house to sell you HAVE to know where to find all the good and qualified buyers at. Today’s FREE System will save you […]

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A Complete Wholesaling Nightmare

A Complete Wholesaling Nightmare Back in 2008-2010 my Real Estate business was doing well (That’s the good news FOR NOW) and 100% of the deals that I did I would wholesale off to another Investor. My business was VERY simple, I would find homes at a discount (that typically needed repair) and I would put […]

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If You Can Just Click A Mouse… You Can Sell A House!!!

If you had the chance at an unfair advantage, would you take it? How about if you were able to win at the highest level without wasting any time? Sometimes it’s just human nature to make things harder for ourselves. We go on thinking we know the right way to do something, but when it […]

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The Top 3 Ways Probate Attorneys Can Change Your Business

The Top 3 Ways Probate Attorneys Can Change Your Business It’s amazing how many real estate investors are doing it wrong…99% of them! They go around in circles, stunting their own success, not realizing there’s a better way to do it! I’m talking about using probate attorneys to get homes to buy through the probate […]

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5 Things You Need to Know to Find VERY Motivated Sellers

A lot of people will tell you it can’t be done in this real estate market, but I’m here to tell you that it CAN and SHOULD be done! Most investors focus on finding deals where they simply don’t exist anymore AND when when investors do find deals they focus on them at the wrong […]

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