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Real Estate Investing Just Changed Forever…Here’s The New Real Estate U

A Message from John Cochran:First off I want to let all of our existing student base know how much you mean to me and our past organization, (The King of Systems). From all the Systems Saturday trainings to our ROCK SOLID training courses to how much fun we had at our live events we had […]

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How to Get 100% Financing on Real Estate Deals

On today’s Systems Saturday, John Cochran is going to show you 2 different ways you should be structuring Real Estate deals with Private Money and Hard Money lenders. 1 way is if you’re a seasoned Real Estate Investor and you need cheaper money because you’re doing multiple deals and the other way is how to […]

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Understanding Market Cycles

It should be of no surprise to you that the Real Estate Market is constantly going through a set cycle. This pattern is one that has proven itself and something you have GOT TO KNOW if you’re an investor. By understanding the market cycle, you’ll make smarter investments that lead to bigger profits. Below is […]

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5 FREE Ways to Build a Real Estate Buyers List

It should be of no surprise to you that I am asked for Real Estate advice – every day. Whether it’s via Facebook, Youtube comments, tickets to my support team, or text messages from my Mastermind Members not a day goes by that I’m not asked for advice. One of the top questions I am […]

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[$18K Profit Case Study] A FREE Lead Source For Finding Motivated Sellers

On today’s Systems Saturday, John Cochran is going to take you to a property that he just put under contract to wholesale for a profit of $18,000 in less than a week. Everything was FREE in this deal from how he found the property (Vacant) to even how he found the seller for free. It’s pure […]

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Pricing to sell a home in 7 days or less

As you know I’ll do anything to sell a house and I mean anything, but I don’t care what you do to sell a house you have to price it right. Real Estate is such a competitive industry, if you’ve got a house on the market that is overpriced, your buyers will go elsewhere simply […]

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Prehabbing Homes To Make 15K On EVERY Deal

In today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran is going to show you how to make quicker “BIG” money on all our your Real Estate flips by doing an exit strategy he calls Prehabbing. This week John shares how he prehabs homes get the maximum return, and how he decides when he will prehab and when he’ll […]

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How To Get A GREAT Real Estate Deal Under Contract In 10 Days

In today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran is going to teach you a GREAT strategy that he is using in today’s Real Estate market to get deals under contract. It’s simple and almost too good to be true but just like anything will work if your consistent in this follow up approach.

January 29th 2016 Read More

3 Reasons Why Buying Priced Reduced HUD Foreclosures Is TOXIC

On this Systems Saturday, John Cochran will be walking you through a NICE HUD home where the numbers make complete sense to buy but John know’s it’s TOXIC and will lose money on the deal. Enjoy walking through AND never getting involved in a Real Estate deal like this that would fool many Investors.

January 22nd 2016 Read More

3 Unknown Bidding Secrets While Bidding On HUD Foreclosures

On this Systems Saturday, John Cochran will bid on a home live and give you a series of unknown bidding secrets that will help you get HUD Foreclosures accepted. We actually have 31 different HUD Tips and Tricks that we use daily that has put over 500 Accepted properties in our portfolio. When you know […]

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