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[Split Test Results] 2 Tests Using Tax Delinquent Lists

In today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran of REU is giving the results on his most result split test using Tax Delinquent lists. We all know him as ‘The King of Systems’ but you could also call him ‘The King of Research’. Watch today’s video to learn what he tested and how it played out.

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[REU Student Success] Dennis Peavy makes 40K from a Sheriff Sale Flip

In today’s Systems Saturday we are taking you straight to the top and John will be interviewing Dennis Peavy of Kettering Ohio as he just bought a property using 1 of REU’s 26 systems for finding deals. Find out which one he used AND learn the 3 systems Dennis will focus on as a full […]

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2 Untapped Lead Sources For FREE Real Estate Seller Leads

In today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran of REU is going to deliver the goods and even had to bring a powerhouse guest to squeeze out of him how he just put 12 deals under contract from 2 untapped seller lead sources. A lot to learn and rip off from Travis in this episode as you […]

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Where to Spend 51% of your Time As A Real Estate Investor

In Today’s Systems Saturday you’ll learn how to get consistent checks that will keep your Real Estate business thriving. By implementing this strategy you’ll stop the broke investor cycle. Time management is a huge key to your success. Comment below and let us know what you think!

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Paying Yourself First

In Today’s Systems Saturday you will get to hear John Cochran’s story to what he had to do as a broke Real Estate Investor to finally make it after failing for the first 8 years going 600K in debt. Watch this video when you can as it won’t be on Youtube long

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Real Estate U Rewards Program

WE PAY YOU TO DO DEALS! EARN REWARDS AND RECOGNITION FOR YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS! When you share your Success Stories with Real Estate U, we reward your hard work with prizes designed to enhance your business and keep you on the road to success! Start sharing your Success Stories TODAY and begin qualifying for awesome prizes! […]

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Determining The Value Of Any Property Nationwide Without A Realtor Or the MLS

Not having access to accurate comparables (Comps) is the kiss of death to 99% of Real Estate Investors. You need access to comps on YOUR TIMELINE and for many years we’ve had to wait and rely on Realtors to pull these sales from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as this WAS the most accurate source […]

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Real Estate Investing Just Changed Forever…Here’s The New Real Estate U

A Message from John Cochran:First off I want to let all of our existing student base know how much you mean to me and our past organization, (The King of Systems). From all the Systems Saturday trainings to our ROCK SOLID training courses to how much fun we had at our live events we had […]

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