What Do Investors Need First?

What Do Investors Need First? What do Real Estate Investors need first? You might be surprised to learn the answer because most investors get this COMPLETELY wrong. I’ll tell you exactly why they miss the point and I’ll give you the right answer here in today’s Systems Saturday. Watch this video to make sure you’re […]

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How To Setup ANY House To Sell In 7 Days Or Less

On today’s Systems Saturday, John Cochran will share with you how we set all of our homes up for a 7 day sale. When you setup any house to sell in 7 days or less, it really comes down to knowing who you target buyer is and then speaking to them in your marketing EXACTLY […]

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Real Estate U Success Story: Travis Makes 12K in 7 Days From Wholesaling

It doesn’t get anymore real than watching a REU student wholesale a deal from start to finish. Travis uses a strategy that we teach in our 90 Day Business Transformation that is literally printing money in today’s Real Estate market. Take notes and watch how he makes 12K in just 7 days by wholesaling this […]

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[REU Student Success] Caroline Reynolds Shares how she made a $16,348 Wholesale Fee from a Code Violation

On this weeks Systems Saturday, Caroline lets the cat out of the bag on how she made over $16,000 from a Code Violation. She also discusses other strategies she’s currently doing, her plans for the future, and John gives her some advice that YOU can rip off and use in YOUR Real Estate Business.

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How to Sell The “Impossible House” in 7 Days or Less

In today’s Systems Saturday you’ll learn the strategies that John Cochran uses to sell a house when working with a seller who “wants” to sell their house but is very strict with the marketing they allow. He sells all his properties in 7 days or less and this one is no exception.

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Pricing to sell a home in 7 days or less

As you know I’ll do anything to sell a house and I mean anything, but I don’t care what you do to sell a house you have to price it right. Real Estate is such a competitive industry, if you’ve got a house on the market that is overpriced, your buyers will go elsewhere simply […]

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Prehabbing Homes To Make 15K On EVERY Deal

In today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran is going to show you how to make quicker “BIG” money on all our your Real Estate flips by doing an exit strategy he calls Prehabbing. This week John shares how he prehabs homes get the maximum return, and how he decides when he will prehab and when he’ll […]

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12 Steps to Selling Any House in 7 Days or Less

Did you guys know I’m bi-lingual? I am, it’s true. Marketing is my second language, some would argue it’s actually my first language. Being a hillbilly from Ohio I tend to botch the English language quite a bit. Oops. In Real Estate, the most important part of every transaction is the part where you GET […]

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3 Proven Ways To Find HOT Buyers OFFLINE

In Today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran will show you 3 proven ways to find THE BEST buyers offline. You can have the best buyers list on the planet and we would argue that these 3 offline strategies will sell a house faster than pressing send on an email. Rip this off from us and let […]

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