10 Lead Follow-Up Tips Every Agent Should Know

Learning Objectives

What You Will Learn:

1) Why poor lead follow-up ends up in the highest real estate losses?

2) Only 2% of sales are made upon first contact....wonder why?

3) How 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact.

4) How most agents look to justify not following up with their leads. Change this and you will make a killing!

5) How showing attention to your lead will increase your chance of closing a deal.

6) How to move the ball forward with every call?

10 Lead Follow-Up Tips Every Agent Should Know

To be a successful agent you will need at least 3 things:

1. Your own website.
2. A way to constantly get new leads.
3. An automated way to follow up with your clients.

Tools Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

CRM Automation:
Save time and money with the Lead Manager CRM system.

Leads captured on Real Geeks websites and 3rd-party sources are sent automatically to the CRM, a full-featured platform, to track and nurture leads through the sales cycle.


Real Leads:

Real Leads by Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective marketing solution for generating, capturing and managing home buyer/seller leads.

The fully integrated custom IDX and marketing solution will help you to drive traffic, capture leads, manage-cultivate them and close more transactions.

To check out all the tools you can use please CLICK HERE. These are awesome!