10 Ways To Generate Business Today

Learning Objectives

What You Will Learn:

1) How to use the RealGeeks filtering system to attract more business your way.

2) What 10 calls a day would do for you...advice from a real agent.

3) The power of calling For Sale By Owners and how this can increase your business significantly.

4) How rapport will win you business

5) Why calling clients that moved in 3 to 4 years ago is a missed opportunity that many agents don't take advantage of.

6) How to use email for a reverse check and find the phone number of your client and not waste any leads.

7) How to use the database of leads who you never managed to get in contact with. It is all automated.

10 Ways To Generate Business Today

To be a successful agent you will need at least 3 things:

1. Your own website.
2. A way to constantly get new leads.
3. An automated way to follow up with your clients.

Tools Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

CRM Automation:
Save time and money with the Lead Manager CRM system.

Leads captured on Real Geeks websites and 3rd-party sources are sent automatically to the CRM, a full-featured platform, to track and nurture leads through the sales cycle.


Automated Email System:
You can easily build trust, nurture, and convert leads from your database efficiently by using the Automated Email Drip System.

This will help you:

  • follow up and nurture each lead type

  • reach your targeted audience


To check out all the tools you can use please CLICK HERE. These are awesome!