Buyer Lead Conversion

Learning Objectives

What You Will Learn:

1) How to take an online lead and convert?

2) What are the steps you need to create rapport with your lead?

3) How to properly ask questions and have your lead take action.

4) How to set up a sense of urgency and proper follow up.

5) The importance of FIRST CALL.

6) What are the "dreaming phase", "exploratory phase" or "buying phase"?

7) How to break the wall of anonymity.

To be a successful real estate agent you will need at least 3 things:

1. Your own website.
2. A way to constantly get new leads.
3. An automated way to follow up with your clients.

Buyer Lead Conversion

Tools Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

Mobile Application:
The Personalized Mobile App delivers real-time property updates to your leads instantly with push notifications.

The Agents benefit is the personal app where they can track the “Source” of lead activity.



SMS Autoresponder:

Using the Automated SMS Increases Lead Engagement tool is one of the best ways to convert the "hot appointments" into sales!

SMS texts convert significantly better than emails and have a much higher open rate and response rate.


To check out all the tools you can use please CLICK HERE. These are awesome!