How long does it take to get my PA real estate license?

Here is a breakdown of the time-frame it will take to obtain your Pennsylvania real estate salesperson's license:
Step 1: Complete the 75-hour Pennsylvania pre-license course: 2 weeks minimum
If you take the 75-hour pre-license course online full-time, you can complete the entire course in under 2 weeks.

Step 2: Schedule and pass the state exam: 2 weeks (depending on availability)
You must submit your state exam application to PSI. Once processed, PSI will send you a Certificate of Examination Eligibility Registration form, which will allow you to schedule your state exam through PSI. The earliest exam date will vary depending on the exam location. In the meantime, you can obtain your criminal record check from the PATCH website.

Step 3: Submit your license application online with the help of your employing broker: 2 weeks
You must submit your license application online through the state's PALS website. Your employing broker will have to complete part of the application.
The current time-frame (assuming your application is submitted properly with all of the required documentation) is 2 weeks.

Total Time-frame: 6 weeks