How much does it cost to get my VA real estate license?

Here is a breakdown of all the costs associated with obtaining your Virginia real estate salespersons license:
1) 60-hour Virginia pre-license course: $99
RealEstateU offers the VA real estate salespersons course online for just $99.

2) Proctoring fee: Free - $35 per attempt
The Real Estate Board requires a proctored final exam at the end of the 60-hour pre-license course. The proctoring fee varies depending on the proctoring location.

3) State exam fee: $60 per attempt
The exam fee is always $60 per attempt and paid directly to PSI.

4) Fingerprint fee: $52
You must get your fingerprints taken at the PSI testing center. The $52 fingerprint fee includes a State processing fee of $27, plus a PSI processing fee of $25.

5) License application fee: $170
The license application fee is paid directly to the state.

Total Cost: $416