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How to Invest in Real Estate
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How to Buy Your First Multi-Family Property

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding, Analyzing, and Closing Your First Deal

This course will walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to close your first multi-family deal. You will learn how to invest in real estate and much more.

$470 $97

Holding money.

The Art of Syndication

Learn how to Raise Private Money for your real estate deals

I don’t have any money! This is the biggest obstacle for most investors and the reason why they believe they can’t get started. This course will show you how to raise money from private investors to fund your next deal!

$3497 $2497

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Deal or No Deal

A Step-by-Step System to Determine if You Have a Viable Deal

As a real estate investor you will look at many deals before finding one that works for you. This course will show you how to quickly analyze a deal and determine if it is worth pursuing. You will learn how to invest in real estate the right way.

$450 $97

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Self Directed IRAs

Unlock the Hidden Power of Investing With Self Directed IRAs

There are enormous opportunities to fund deals by tapping into self directed IRAs. This course will show you where the opportunity is and teach you how to execute a deal using IRAs.

$650 $97

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Breaking Into REO

Investing and Wholesaling Real Estate with Bulk REOs

Learn how to get started as an REO investor. Learn how to invest in real estate, wholesale deals, deal directly with the banks and much more. You gain proficiency for how to invest in REOs, Bulk REOs, and Non-Performing Loan Portfolios.

$450 $97

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Real Estate Accounting For Beginners

You will learn how to start an investment company, the way an entity is formed and its monumental role in real estate investing

Learn the essentials of accounting that every investor must know. These principles can be applied to all of your future deals.

$270 $67

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Motivation From a Proven Investor

How to Overcome the Challenges of a Real Estate Investor Just Starting Out

When you start out there are challenges you have to face where some are physical and other psychological. Mr. Chopra will show you how to overcome the barriers when you are starting out. He will teach you practical techniques and will show you how to invest in real estate.

$330 $67

Off Market.

9 Tips for Doing Successful Off-Market Transactions

We asked renowned NYC attorney, Edward Mermelstein to share with Real Estate U his insight into off-market transactions.

In this video you will learn what is an off-market transaction, the misconceptions regarding these types of transactions, and what you can do right now to improve your chances of doing an off-market deal.

$190 $0

Linda Pliagas.

My Road In Real Estate Investing

Linda Pliagas from ‘Realty411 Guide’ Magazine together with Dan Ringwald from Santa Barbara REIA were kind enough to share with RealEstateU their presentation where Linda is talking about her real estate investing road. There is a lot to learn from this video, so watch it whole.

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NYS Salesperson Licensing Course

How to invest in real estate?

Another way to start investing in real estate is by becoming a real estate agent. You can have direct access to hundreds of deals. To become a real estate agent in NY the Department of State requires that you have a license.

Get your NYS License today!

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Department of State Licensing NYS.

Real Estate Licenses From$395$99

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