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Throughout my 10 year career in real estate, I have always wondered why most real estate agents have this fear that somehow THEY (luxury clients) are different than the standard $250k-$400k priced clients in the same area.

The client & homes are essentially the same (human beings and walls & ceilings), so why the mental block? Right now, in this moment you are capable of exponential gains in your real estate career.

You can multiply your personal effectiveness, hit new highs, and unlock your TRUE potential.

You don’t have to settle for things as they are now. That can change. Dramatically. If you’re ready, life is prepared to give you a breakthrough experience.

You can jump to a new level of success . . . turn your dreams into reality . . . step into to a world of luxury.

Also, you don’t have to be content with improving things incrementally or gradually like how most of the real estate industry has taught us over the last 30+ years.

Just as your level of sales performance can improve drastically, so can your rate of accomplishment.

While contrary to conventional belief, the answer is not in striving to sell MORE homes, the secret lies in far less effort than what you would imagine.

On average, I make a 2-3 multi-million dollar sales a month while carrying 5-7 listings at a time.

The homes I sell are around $4 million to $5 million.

I “pop” two or three huge ones every year, and considering there are roughly ten homes a year that sell for over $10 million, I would say I am doing well.


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So I am not a volume broker. Rather, I am a high numbers broker and that’s why I earned the reputation for being the best in Beverly Hills.

It’s my opinion and firm belief that if you take on too many listings and deals, you cannot provide your clients with the service they expect.


Now, I know that you might be thinking...

A luxury seller simply won’t trust an agent who doesn’t have any prior experience with luxury properties. Million dollar home shoppers have specific qualities they want and an under-qualified agent is not worth their time.

So what is an aspiring luxury agent to do?

Most agents go about, day to day, trying to do it their way, striving to make incremental gains in their performance.

I think that’s pretty routine. To me, that’s the pathway of conventional growth. A path that typically doesn't work too well with the affluent market.

The reality is that attracting affluent clients and moving up to a higher sales bracket isn't something that most real estate agents know how to do, so you should not be surprised to hear that unconventional success calls for an unconventional approach.



Being the Best in Your Market

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Josh Flagg course.

Million Dollar Agent is an online course that gives you an “explosive jump” in your sales performance and puts you far beyond the next logical step in your real estate career.

This course gives you a 7-step framework for stunning advances in achievement in high end residential real estate and the realization of your dreams.

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The concept is one of exponential gains rather than incremental progress.

You might compare it to multiplying your success instead of adding. That means an accelerated progression in your effectiveness as a luxury real estate agent.

It's exciting as well as provocative.

While it may seem impractical or impossible, your way into the luxury real estate market is not complex and does not require intricate maneuvers. It will be simple, energy efficient, and time-saving.

Million Dollar Agent is self-paced and can conveniently be accessed on any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

After you pass the program, you will be positioned to increase your profitability, enhance your service levels, and confidently expand your business in the luxury market.

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Enjoy your time

During this course you will learn everything that I’ve spent the last decade mastering.

From how to captivate sellers with exceptional market knowledge, to persuading clients to choose you over established agents with more sales.

This course is your best resource for becoming the go-to agent and trusted advisor to luxury clients in your market.

Each week I will take you through customized video lessons, and in-depth homework assignments that you can use to help you in your business instantly!

You will learn:

Million Dollar Agent gives you a fresh perspective, a highly intelligent move, the path of least resistance. You will learn a way you can do more with less.

ALEX NANTES - realtor.

I signed up for Josh Flagg's Million Dollar Agent course because it’s very important for my career to learn from the best top producing agents like Josh.

You have to choose to be open minded and constantly learn from the other successful people. Josh is one of those people who I was instantly drawn too on the show because of his worldly travels, personality, his passion for people and real estate.

I was hoping to take at least one or two tips from his course and that would be priceless. Instead, I learned a handful.

For example, be more involved with my community, begin using Facebook Ads to target affluent people effectively and use my travels as a way to engage my clients interest.

I am proud to say that I listed and sold my first $3,000,000 beachfront property along with several million dollar listings shortly after.

I highly recommend Josh’s Million Dollar Agent course to seasoned or new agents wanting to expand their real estate career, sharpen their skills or learn the basics in becoming a successful million dollar listing agent.

Century 21 Aztec & Associates

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When you know how to do something it's easy - when you don't, it's impossible

The idea of making a jump from selling low end to high end homes in one bold stroke, is a foreign idea.

You haven’t been trained to think that way yet.
Your doubts are not the product of accurate thinking, but habitual thinking.

As you got into the real estate industry you accepted flawed conclusions as correct, began to live your life as if those warped ideas about your potential were true, and prevented you from making that jump.

How much longer are you willing to stay in your own way?

What if you acted like you have complete faith and do what you’d do if you knew you were going to succeed as a luxury agent?

What if you behave like you have that total conviction right now?

Doubt is what destroys.
So don’t give it any mental space.

Proceed boldly, as if it is completely inconceivable that you will experience anything other than a successful career in high end real estate sales.

Selling luxury homes are an act of love, a passionate statement of how you care about real estate.

Only an emotional move holds the power to carry you the distance from lower end to high end sales. Let your heart take charge of your body.


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Rosie Poliquin, Realtor.

Thanks to Josh and his training, I just picked up a $1.1 million dollar listing. I got this listing because the buyer came to my open house. She wanted to sell and had an agent in mind, but thought they needed to interview other agents. I told her she should absolutely interview, then I asked for an interview. She said she'd have to talk to her husband first.

So I told her the check out my website, Facebook business page, and gave her a couple links to past listings. 2 days later she said her husband wanted to meet me for an interview. Her husband is a contractor and my knowledge of new home construction experience combined with my style of staging and marketing won him over. The house went on MLS last Friday and within 2 weeks the home sold with a full price offer!

Rosie Poliquin, Realtor®
Los Gatos, CA

Tomas Baranyai.

This course has been a tremendous learning experience. Josh is very well spoken and has a knack for explaining his theories and principles concisely. I wish this course would have been available when I first started my career in real estate just over 5 years ago. This is money well spent and I hope he comes out with another training module soon.

Tomas Baranyai
Re/Max Professionals Inc.


Jason Lopez, Realtor.

Josh makes his process look really easy on Million Dollar Listing. If you just watch the show, he makes it seem easy enough that anyone could do it.

Working with Josh, and utilizing some simple techniques and tools that he showed me, helped me to realize that anyone can use this process to improve their business. You can learn to not only sell the luxury lifestyle but also EXACTLY what to do in order to differentiate yourself as a luxury marketing expert. Josh helped me to experience results.

Immediately after our training, I was able to attract and close on a $1.25 million home in Orange County! My GCI increased, and I'm even getting more referrals from the advice that I learned from Josh's course.

Jason Lopez, Realtor®
Orange County, CA

Lori Mills, Realtor®.

I have been selling Luxury Real Estate for many years. I find that this career can be very challenging and even draining at times. You have to have a passion for this business and Josh's passion is contagious!

Before I started the Million Dollar Agent course, I needed a new perspective. Learning from Josh helped me to take a long hard look at my business and how I could refine my strategies and improve the experience my valued clients deserve!

Josh's ideas are fresh and presented in ways that are easy to understand. I recommend this course to agents looking to break into luxury market and even agents like me that have been in the business for years! Iron sharpens Iron as they say!

Lori Mills, Realtor®
Luxury Home Specialist and Equestrian Estate Director
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Realty


100% Money Back Guarantee

The Million Dollar Agent system is based on years of selling to this richest segment of the real estate market, as well as learning from other leaders in their industries. It’s everything you need to raise your profile, land bigger buyers and boost your income -- for life.

Still, it’s understandable that you may have some skepticism. That’s why I’m allowing you to try out the program, risk-free, for 30 full days.

Even if you sell ONE HIGH END HOME in the next 12 months, that will give you more than 10-20X your investment. I am confident that you will reap the rewards and benefits of the Million Dollar Agent course.

Money back guarantee..

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included in the Course?

You'll have access to 10 modules with over 2 hours of in depth video lectures that teach the nuts and bolts of the Million Dollar Agent system. Also included is access to the private facebook group with other students, homework assignments, interactive quizzes and additional training material to help you develop competency in selling to the luxury real estate market.

When Does the Course Start and Finish?

The course starts now! Modules are released weekly, and is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

With the skills, techniques and strategies you will learn in Josh Flagg's training program Million Dollar Agent you will become more relevant with the affluent consumer and more progressive in the eyes of sellers looking to hire you!

How Long Do I Have Access to the Course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for 12 months - across any and all devices you own. This includes all updates and upgrades to the course during that time.

How Much Time Will The Course Take Per Week?

The course will take about 2 hours of free time per week, but the videos can be consumed in just 5 minutes a day. Each video module is broken up into bit sized chunks, so you can learn from Josh anywhere you have a mobile device and stable internet connection.

What If I'm an Agent Outside of the United States?

Yes, absolutely! While some of the terminology may be a little different, Josh's Million Dollar Agent system will work in any real estate market in the world.


Million Dollar Agent

Being the Best in Your Market

Million Dollar Agent is a self-paced online learning experience featuring pre-recorded videos from Josh Flagg. The course includes downloadable worksheets, interactive quizzes, and extensive training material to develop competency in selling to the luxury market. 

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