7 Real Geeks Hacks Few People Think About

Learning Objectives

What You Will Learn:

1) How to use market activity report to your advantage?

2) What is a "drip campaign" and how to use it?

3) How to use the RealGeeks buyer's list and filter them for your needs?

4) How to use saved searches as a price reduction tool?

5) How to create a quick newsletter/update on the market for your clients?

6) How to create a future lists for REOs?

7 Real Geeks Hacks Few People Think About

To be a successful real estate agent you will need at least 3 things:

1. Your own website.
2. A way to constantly get new leads.
3. An automated way to follow up with your clients.

Tools Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

Facebook Marketing:

With the Facebook Marketing Tool you can create AMAZING looking ads that convert well and drive the user to your highly optimized landing pages.

It integrates directly with Facebook advertising platform and even adds the tracking and conversion pixel automatically to your website. On our ads dashboard you're able to see exactly what type of leads are converting and how well your ads are performing.

This tool is a game changer!!!


Martket Reports:

Improve your understanding of your market. Using our Market reports you can keep your database engaged and educated by providing accurate real-time MLS® data that matters. Your website will become the #1 real estate resource that your clients can depend on.

To check out all the tools you can use please CLICK HERE. These are awesome!