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How to Get a Real Estate Salesperson’s License in Idaho

An Idaho salesperson applicant must:

  1. Be 18 years of age
  2. Hold a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Be legally present in the United States

If you meet these basic qualifications, earn a real estate salesperson’s license in (7) steps.

Step 1: Complete 90-hour pre-license education

Idaho salesperson candidates must first take the required pre-licensing education. These courses must be from an approved education provider.


Module 1 is a 45-hour course on the fundamental real estate concepts. Mobile 2 is a 45-hour course on the study of the knowledge and applied skills involved in listing, selling, buying and closing property.


The pre-license course can be taken online or in-person. Your pre-license education is valid for three years.


Step 2: Applying for the State Exam

PearsonVUE administers Idaho's Real Estate Salesperson License Exam. Schedule your exam directly by visiting or calling 1-(877)-540-5833. The nonrefundable exam fee is $80. You will directly pay PearsonVUE for the exam.

Bring two forms of identification with you to the exam site. One form of identification must be government-issued.

Refer to the Idaho Candidate Bulletin for more information on examination schedules, site locations, exam security, reporting, and preparation.


Step 3: Take and Pass the State Exam

The Idaho state salesperson exam is divided into two sections, general and state law, and uses multiple-choice questions.


The Idaho Salesperson Pre-licensure Exam includes:

  1. National section of 80 questions and 150 minutes to complete.
  2. State section of 40 questions and 90 minutes to complete.
  3. You have a total of four hours to complete the exam.


A passing score on the salesperson exam is a scaled score of 70. You must pass both portions of the exam before you can apply for your license. Your exam results are valid for (1) year.

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Step 4: Get Fingerprinted For Background

All applicants must get their fingerprints taken and have a background check run before applying for their license. The IREC highly recommends scheduling your fingerprinting with PearsonVUE. The fingerprinting fee is $61.25.


Make the fingerprint appointment online at You can also contact IdentoGo® by Idemia at (866) 761-8069.

Your fingerprint and background check results are only good for six months.

Step 5: Sign up for IREC online services

Create an account with the Idaho Real Estate Commission for their online services. Here you will be able to track your license history and education records. Creating your account will be essential for checking on your fingerprint status. When you see the message, “RES-OK,” your fingerprints have cleared.


Step 6: Acquire Errors & Omissions Insurance

Idaho requires all real estate salespersons to have a current E&O policy before getting an active license. The IREC has a group policy held with Rice Insurance Services or you may be covered under a firm policy at your brokerage.


Step 7: Apply for Your License

Once you have completed all steps above, you are ready to submit the license application. The fee is $160. IREC will not process an application that is missing any documentation; view the application for what you will need.


Once the license is approved, your license will be issued on an inactive status. Your designated broker must add you to your brokerage to activate the license. After that final step, you are an Idaho real estate salesperson. Congratulations!

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What’s Included in Your Course​

Course Structure

The RealEstateU 90-Hour Idaho Real Estate Salesperson’s Course is structured in the following way:

  • The course involves audio lectures and written transcripts for each audio lecture.
  • An orientation is at the start of the course.
  • The course is divided into Module I and Module II. Each module has multiple chapters, which are further divided into lessons.
  • A lesson may also include an infographic or a contract document.
  • A multiple-choice quiz is given at every chapter’s end. At least 70% of the questions must be correctly answered to continue to the next chapter.
  • You will successfully complete each module right after you pass the final exam.
  • Audio Lessons on Demand
  • RealEstateU’s 72-hour Idaho Real Estate Salesperson course includes everything you need to satisfy the State’s real estate education requirement.
  • The course is self paced, so you can work through the course on your own schedule. The course consists of short audio lessons designed to be listened to on-the-go.
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Audio Transcripts

  • Each audio lesson also has a written transcript for following along.
Audio transcripts.

Beautifully Designed Infographics

  • You can understand the vital content you need to know through dozens of infographics that are visually clear and easy to grasp.

Course Glossary

  • Remember the important terms you need to know by using the course Glossary, which is also available to you as a PDF download.

Course Final Exams

  • At the end of each module is a proctored final exam. You will receive your certificate of completion for each module as soon as you pass the final exam.

Buy Our PDF Course Textbooks & Appendixes

You can purchase the course textbook as a PDF version for only $29!

The course textbook gathers all the course content, including all of the audio transcripts, infographics, and supporting documents.

Please note that the PDF textbook is sold separately and therefore is not included in the course tuition. The textbook’s purpose is to supplement the online course and not replace it.

This allows you to review the course content offline. The course textbook also allows you to print out individual lessons as needed.

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Why Get an Idaho Real Estate License

There are many advantages to earning a Idaho real estate salesperson’s license:

Steady Income

As a real estate agent, there is no limit to how much money you can earn. The more leads you source and close, the more money you will make!

Income tax.

Set Your Own Hours

Do you crave freedom from the boring 9-5? As a real estate agent, you work when you choose.  By law, your broker cannot tell you when and where to work!

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Work Part-Time or Full-Time

If you are planning to work two jobs at a time, this is perfect for you. You are not required to completely dedicate all your time as a real estate salesperson. You decided if you want to be a part-time real estate agent or choose to work full-time and make it your dream job.

Holding loads of money.

Sell or Lease All Types of Real Estate

Once you earn your real estate license, you will be allowed to sell or lease all types of real estate throughout Idaho.

Sell lease real estate.

Course Completion Time

All students have 12 months from the time of purchase to complete the RealEstateU 90-hour Idaho Real Estate Salesperson Course (including the course final exam).



Refund Policy

All courses are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase, and only if the student has not completed more than 50% of the course. All refunds issued are subjected to a $20 admin charge. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.



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