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How to Get a Real Estate Salesperson’s License in Mississippi

Before you can begin pursuing a Mississippi real estate salesperson license, you must be at least 18 years of age. To earn your resident's salesperson license, you must also be a bona fide state resident.

If you meet this qualification, you can earn your Mississippi real estate salesperson license (5) steps.

Step #1: Take the MS 60-hour Pre-License Course

All new real estate salesperson applicants must take 60 hours of real estate education from a college, community college, or a Mississippi approved pre-license education provider.

The online course is the fastest and more affordable way to meet the 60-hour pre-licensing education requirement. After passing the final exam, you'll receive the official certificate of completion.

Step #2: Submit Salesperson License Application

Next, complete the resident salesperson license application. The Mississippi Real Estate Commission (MREC) will review the application and approve you to take the state licensing exam. You will have two months to take and pass both sections of the licensing exam, or your licensing fee will be forfeited.

The salesperson licensing fee is $120. The fees are made payable to the MREC by personal check, cash, cashier's check, or money order.

The resident's salesperson license application requires:

  • Three recommendations from real estate property owners who have owned property for at least three years.
  • Two photos; one must be a full face and one a face profile.
  • Qualifying education certificates or original college transcript showing real estate education
  • A notarization date within the last 60 days
  • Information from your Mississippi-licensed employing broker
  • Any supporting documentation related to answers on questions 13-21.

Step #3: Schedule the Licensing Exam

After receiving your letter of approval from the MREC, you only have a two-month window to schedule and pass your licensing exam with PSI.

The examination fee is $75 for both portions of the test. Payment is made directly to PSI using a valid credit card.

PSI recommends online registration and scheduling as the fastest way to book your exam appointment. Visit www.psiexams.com to set an appointment and pay the exam fee. Refer to the Candidate Information Bulletin for alternative registration options and exam location information.

Step #4: Submit Fingerprints for a Background Check

Along with your letter of approval, the MREC sends a required fingerprint kit. There will be instructions on how to complete the fingerprinting, a consent form, and an envelope to return the cards to the MREC. The background check processing fee is $50, payable to the MREC.

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Step #5: Take and Pass the State Licensing Exam

Bring to the testing center two forms of identification and your letter of approval from the MREC. One ID must be government-issued with your photo and signature. All your identification must match the name on the approval letter from the Commission.

About the Mississippi Licensing Exam:

  1. The general portion allows 2.5 hours and asks 80 questions. The minimum passing score is 70%.
  2. The state portion allows 1.5 hours and asks 40 questions. The minimum passing score is 75%.
  3. There may be 5-10 experimental questions asked during the exam. These questions are not scored and do not count against your time.

The Candidate Information Bulletin contains content outlines that list the topics on the exam and the number of questions under each topic.

You will know your score immediately after finishing the exam. You will also be given a printed unofficial score report.

If you fail the state portion of the exam, you can only take this section of the exam one more time during the two months immediately following your application approval. Anyone failing the national portion can retake on an unlimited basis within the two-month window of your letter of approval.

PSI will report your passing score directly to the MREC. Your real estate license is mailed directly to your employing broker once your background check clears and your passing score is confirmed. Congratulations, you are now a Mississippi real estate salesperson!

Start the Mississippi Real Estate Salesperson Course Today!

What’s Included in Your Course​

Course Structure

The RealEstateU 60-Hour Mississippi Real Estate Salesperson Course is arranged in the following manner:

  • The course launches with an overview.
  • Primary course material is delivered through audio lectures. Transcripts are at hand for every lecture.
  • The content follows the state guidelines to organize information into chapters and smaller, targeted lessons.
  • Available infographics or a contract document enhance your understanding.
  • Pass the multiple choice quiz at the end of each chapter to move onto the next.
  • You must pass the final exam at the end of the 60-hour course successfully to earn the completion certificate.
  • Study when and where you want with this self-paced course. Short audio lessons are ideal for listening to anywhere, at any time.
  • RealEstateU’s 60-hour Mississippi Real Estate Salesperson Pre-license course teaches everything needed to satisfy the state’s pre-licensing real estate education requirement.


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Audio Transcripts

  • Every lesson includes a transcript for clarity and following along.
Audio transcripts.

Beautifully Designed Infographics

  • Dozens of infographics break down the complex concepts you need to understand for your exam.

Course Glossary

  • Find the essential industry terms in the Glossary, also available as a PDF download.

Course Final Exams

  • The MS course ends with a comprehensive final exam that prepares you for the licensing exam.

Buy Our PDF Course Textbooks & Appendixes

A PDF version of the course textbook is available to you for only $29!

The course textbook contains all the information covered in the course, including all the audio transcripts, infographics, and supporting documents.

Please note that the PDF textbook is sold separately and not included in the course tuition. The textbook is designed as a companion to the online course and not to replace it.

The textbook enables you to review the course content offline. You can also print course textbook individual lessons as needed.

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Why Get an Mississippi Real Estate License

Enjoy the numerous benefits of holding a Mississippi real estate salesperson license:

Income Potential

Your future earning potential is defined by you. The more deals a real estate agent finds and closes, the more income they can earn!

Income tax.

Flexible Schedule

Quit struggling to stay focused at a boring desk job. Be your own boss as a real estate agent. Your employing broker is prohibited from telling you when and where to work!

Woman with sand clock

Work Part-Time or Full-Time

You decide how to use your real estate license. Keep your current job and take your time to turn real estate into a full-time career. Use your license for producing side income. Or, jump right into making real estate a full-time career.

Holding loads of money.

Sell or Lease All Types of Real Estate

Holding a real estate license enables you to sell or lease various kinds of real estate throughout Mississippi.

Sell lease real estate.

Course Completion Time

All students have 12 months from the time of purchase to complete the RealEstateU 60-hour Mississippi Real Estate Salesperson Course (including the course exams).



Refund Policy

All courses are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase if the student has not completed more than 50% of the course. All refunds issued are subjected to a $20 admin charge. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.



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