Mississippi Real Estate License Requirements

To sell or lease real estate in Mississippi and earn a commission, you must have an Mississippi Real Estate License.

The steps to obtain a MS Real Estate License:

Step #1: Complete the 60-hour Mississippi Real Estate Salesperson Course.

Step #2: Apply for your MS salesperson license.

Step #3: Schedule your MS state license exam.

Step #4: Submit fingerprints for a background check.

Step #5: Take and pass the state licensing exam.

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General Requirements


How to Get a Real Estate Salesperson License in Mississippi

Before you can begin pursuing a Mississippi real estate salesperson license, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Mississippi offers resident and non-resident licenses; to earn your resident's salesperson license, you must also be a bona fide state resident. For simplicity, the remaining steps assume you are a Mississippi resident seeking a resident salesperson's license.

If you meet this qualification, you can earn your Mississippi real estate salesperson license (5) steps.

Step #1: Take the MS 60-hour Pre-License Course

All new real estate salesperson applicants must take 60 hours of real estate education from a college, community college, or a Mississippi approved pre-license education provider.

If you choose to use an accredited higher education institution, you must have (2) three-credit-hour college courses specifically in real estate that could be used as part of a degree program.

Online classes are the fastest, most flexible, and more affordable way to meet the 60-hour pre-licensing requirement. At the end of the course, you will take a final exam. Passing the final earns the official certificate of completion essential for a salesperson license application.

Step #2: Submit Salesperson License Application

Your next step is to submit your resident salesperson license application. The Mississippi Real Estate Commission reviews the application and will approve you to take the state licensing exam. Once approved, you have two months to take and pass the national and state-specific portion of the licensing exam. If you do not take and pass the exam within this two-month window, your forfeit licensing fee and your file will be closed.

The salesperson licensing fee is $120. The fees are made payable to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission by personal check, cash, cashier's check, or money order.

As part of the application process, Mississippi requires you to have three recommendations from real estate property owners. It is preferable that they live in the state of Mississippi, but it is not required. It is required that the recommendations come from people who have owned property for at least three years. You cannot use the same individuals that you used in section 12 of the application.

The resident's salesperson license application must also include:

  • Two photos of the applicant. One photo must be a full face and one a face side profile.
  • Your qualifying education certificates or original college transcript showing real estate education
  • A notarization date within the last 60 days
  • Information completed by your Mississippi-licensed employing broker
  • Any supporting documentation related to answers on questions 13-21.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a letter from the Commission.

Step #3: Schedule the Licensing Exam

After receiving your letter of approval from the MREC, it is your responsibility to schedule your State Licensing examination with PSI. You only have a two-month window to schedule and pass your licensing exam, or you'll have to reapply for your eligibility.

The examination fee is $75 for both portions of the test. Your registration fee is not refundable. Payment is made directly to PSI using a valid credit card.

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PSI recommends online registration and scheduling as the fastest way to book your exam appointment. Visit www.psiexams.com to set your appointment and pay the exam fee. You can also take advantage of telephone registration and scheduling by calling 855-557-0620. PSI offers fax and standard mail registration. Refer to the Candidate Information Bulletin for information.

Testing centers are available in Jackson, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Mobile, and Memphis. Search on the PSI website or see the Candidate Information Bulletin for specific addresses and directions.

Step #4: Submit Fingerprints for a Background Check

All individuals licensed by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission must have a criminal history records check based on their fingerprints.

Along with your application approval letter, the MREC sends a fingerprint kit with a fingerprint card and the MREC authorization code. There will be instructions on how to complete the fingerprinting, a consent form, and an envelope to return the cards to the MREC. You'll need to pay a $50 processing fee for your background check to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.

Step #5: Take and Pass the State Licensing Exam

Bring to the testing center two forms of identification. One ID must be government-issued with your photo and signature. All of your identification must match the name on the approval letter from the Commission. You must bring your letter of approval from the MREC.

About the Mississippi Licensing Exam:

  1. The general, or national, portion asks 80 questions. The time allowed is 2.5 hours. You must pass the national portion of the salesperson exam with at least a 70% score.
  2. The state portion asks 40 questions. The time allowed is 1.5 hours. You must pass the Mississippi state-specific portion of the exam with at least a 75% score.
  3. There may be 5-10 experimental questions asked during the exam. These questions are not scored and do not count against your time.

The Candidate Information Bulletin contains content outlines that list the topics on the exam and the number of questions under each topic.

You will know your score immediately after finishing the exam. You will also be given a printed unofficial score report. Anyone who fails will receive a diagnostic report showing their strengths and weaknesses by the exam type.

If you fail the state portion of the exam, you can only take this section of the exam one more time during the two months immediately following your application approval. If you fail again and need to retake it, you must wait for three months before reapplying for exam eligibility. Anyone failing the national portion can retake on an unlimited basis within the two-month window of your letter of approval.

PSI will report your passing score directly to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. Your real estate license will be mailed directly to your employing broker once your background check clears and your passing score is confirmed. Congratulations, you are now a Mississippi real estate salesperson.

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