An Insider's Look Into The Reciprocity Recognition: Georgia

By Ciprian Morariu Published: January 31, 2024

Definition of Real Estate License Reciprocity

This concept of reciprocity refers to the recognition and acceptance of a real estate license from one state by another state, allowing a licensed real estate professional to practice in the second state. The highlight is that you do not have to go through the full licensing process in the second state again. 

The main aim is to facilitate the mobility of real estate professionals and make it easier for them to conduct their business in different regions and reach a wider pool of consumers. 

This is only possible when reciprocity agreements are signed between the concerned states.

Reciprocity Recognition in Georgia

Benefits of Reciprocity for Real Estate Professionals

Reciprocity for real estate professionals offers them several benefits to facilitate their ability to practice in multiple states.

Some key advantages are:

  1. It allows market expansion for real estate professionals by practicing in multiple states without the need to complete a full licensing process in each of them. 
  2. It provides seamless service to clients in different states, who are often involved in relocating or investing in properties across state boundaries.
  3. It is a fact that you obtain a real estate license is very time-consuming and expensive. Reciprocity allows you to jump that and streamline the process which saves you both time and money.
  4. It benefits you if you are involved in residential or commercial transactions in different regions because it provides you with ease of mobility. 
  5. It benefits you by giving you a competitive advantage because you can practice in multiple states and reap the advantages of each state’s real estate industry.
  6. Reciprocity enables real estate agents to customize their marketing strategies for various real estate markets in the country. This is a benefit for those real estate professionals who want to be experts in their field and take their careers to the next level. 
  7. Most importantly, you can bypass the licensing requirements of different states while encouraging and fostering networking with others in this field from all over the country. Since your role is not limited to a specific state, you broaden your career opportunities while being assured of lucrative earnings.  

How Does Real Estate License Reciprocity Work in Georgia?

Did you know that Georgia does not have a reciprocity agreement with any other state? However, Georgia has "reciprocal recognition" with specific states which means other states have the arrangement with Georgia. If you have a license with one such state, you can practice in Georgia without having to go through its licensing requirements. 

A few key points of Georgia license reciprocity are given below. 

If your licensing state has a reciprocity agreement with Georgia, you can practice here without going through the state section of the licensing exam. Your license should be active as per the regulations of the GREC. 

Applying for a Georgia reciprocal recognition is not a complex affair. All documents related to your current active license have to be submitted to GREC along with the application. 

You must meet the educational requirements as established by GREC and complete additional courses if needed. This includes adhering to and going through the continuing education coursework as established by GREC. At the core of this requirement is that you must be aware of the real estate laws and regulations of Georgia.    

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Real Estate Agents Wanting Reciprocity in Georgia?

There are several Georgia real estate reciprocity requirements that you have to meet to practice in Georgia. 

The first, and the most important is that you must have a valid and active license issued in another state and that no criminal proceedings should be pending against you there. Moreover, ensure that your licensing state has a reciprocity agreement with Georgia. 

On the education front, you might have to take up licensing courses that elaborate real estate rules and regulations specific to Georgia. While the state portion of the licensing exam may be waived, the national portion must be taken in most cases. You should also have a clean past without any records of criminal activities or felonies. 

Applying for reciprocity in Georgia is not complex. Apply to GREC attaching all documents that will establish your eligibility to work in Georgia as a real estate professional. Once the sanction comes through, you can start working as a real estate professional in Georgia.    

Application Process for Reciprocity

  1. You must be a holder of an active real state license in the state with which Georgia has a reciprocal agreement.
  2. You must submit proof of your current real estate license, education, qualification certificates, proof of work experience as a real estate agent, and other specific documents if any are required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. You can see the checklist of documents on the Commission's website.
  3. You may have to complete specific courses to familiarise yourself with George as you listed laws and practices. So you must ensure that you fulfil any educational requirements like this by the real estate commission of Georgia.
  4. You must go and visit the commission's website to get the application form for reciprocal recognition. You can easily download it from the website.
  5. You must fill out the application form meticulously and accurately without leaving room for any error.
  6. Once you have filled out the application form as required, you must submit it along with the required fees to the commission. The fees can vary so you may check the current fee schedule to stay updated on that.
  7. You may be required to go through a background check as part of the application process verification. If your criminal record is clear, there is nothing to be worried about and if there is any, you must disclose it at the earliest.
  8. This step demands patience from you as the review process may take some time. You will be notified of any additional requirements or clarifications if needed.
  9. After approval, you will be notified by the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and it will include details on your eligibility to practice real estate here.
  10. Once approved, you must take steps to activate your license such as affiliating with a licensed Georgia real estate broker. This will begin your real estate career in the state of Georgia under the license reciprocal recognition program.
Georgia Reciprocity Recognition

States With Full Reciprocity With Georgia Real Estate License

One of the few states in the USA that has a reciprocity agreement with most states in the country is Georgia. You don't have to take all your pre-licensing coursework hours again. However, you must be aware of what states have reciprocity with Georgia real estate license agreements. 

However, this does not work both ways. It is not necessary that other states also have real estate license reciprocity with Georgia just because it has with everyone. 

Here is a list of Georgia Real Estate license reciprocity states that practice real estate license reciprocity as a return favor: 

Comprehensive List of 22 Reciprocal States

  1. Arkansas
  2. Colorado
  3. Alabama
  4. Connecticut
  5. Illinois
  6. Florida
  7. Iowa
  8. Indiana
  9. Mississippi
  10. Maine
  11. New Hampshire
  12. Nebraska
  13. New York
  14. North Dakota
  15. North Carolina
  16. Pennsylvania
  17. Oklahoma
  18. South Carolina
  19. Utah
  20. West Virginia
  21. Virginia
  22. Tennessee

Are there any specific agreements for reciprocity with each state?

Going factually, every state has its unique licensing process specified by their state Commissions. However, they have mutually thought about this and decided that the real estate education required to get a license in Georgia and all these concerned states is more or less the same. So it is not required to go beyond that and therefore, further education is not a mandatory requirement to fulfill.

Are there any exceptions to this? 

Yes, Florida is one state with which Georgia does not have a formal reciprocal agreement. 

However, with the states mentioned above in the list, Georgia allows real estate licensees from any of the above-mentioned states to potentially obtain a waiver of the Georgia-specific portion of the licensing exam when applying for a license. But in the case of Florida, it does not waive off the Georgia-specific portion. 

Not to make it more complex, in simple terms, it means that if your home state is Florida then to practice real estate in Georgia you have to take the Georgia-specific portion of the licensing exam also called the Georgia supplemental exam. It's a two-way street because Florida also examines you on its state-specific portion if your home state is Georgia. 

If you’re a broker in Florida, the same terms of reciprocal agreement apply to you. You also must clear the Georgia-specific portions to obtain a license there. 

So, it can be said that Georgia's real estate license reciprocity with Florida is an interesting one at the least.