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By Ciprian Morariu Published: January 8, 2024

Does a career in real estate excite you? Maybe you’ve already set your sights on becoming a real estate agent, broker or developer. Well, if you have found your calling, it’s time you start planning to achieve your dream job. 

Real estate is a lucrative career with immense potential to earn a high-figure salary. However, with more opportunities comes more competition. To truly make a good living and climb up the ladder in the real estate industry, you will need more than just luck and networking by your side.

You will also require professional, certified real estate education to boot with. 

To set yourself up for success, you will need the knowledge, skills and understanding of the industry, along with tips and tricks on core skills like marketing, sales, negotiation, deal closing, partnerships as part of your education.

If you are already exploring real estate as a career option, it’s important to factor in the importance of education in your career journey. If going to a full-time, offline school is not a feasible option, thankfully, you can easily opt for online courses from real estate education schools. 

With online training and education, you can get started with all the required knowledge and skills to succeed in your real estate final exam. 

Keep reading as we dive into the various aspects of online real estate classes in Arizona. 

Expenses for Getting a Real Estate License in Arizona 

Typically, a real estate license course in Arizona is priced anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to more than five hundred dollars. 

For a course of 90 hours duration, a reasonable estimate would be between $400 to $600. You will get the real estate license after completing this course and passing the licensing exam. 

Do the Fees for the Coursework Include the License Exam Fees? 

Most Arizona real estate course online courses include the licensing exam fees too as it helps candidates go through a seamless process. Pay a one-time fee for the online course and you are good to go till the final exam.

After you enrol for a real estate pre-licensing course, get access to a personalized account that has a link to schedule the final exam as per your convenience.

Real Estate in Arizona

Feedback from Students About Online Courses

Applicants can easily choose from many trusted and reputed Arizona real estate online courses available in the market. If you are looking for genuine reviews from students who have opted for online courses, here’s what they have to say about learning - the ability to complete the coursework from anywhere at your own convenience and pace is a huge time saver for aspiring professionals. 

Further, many learners have agreed on the high quality coaching and user-friendly teaching methodology which boosts retention and helps in supporting the students’ success. 

Additionally, many students have praised the comprehensive learning resources provided by Arizona’s numerous real estate online course providers.  

Agent Advice Success Stories

A career in real estate comes with its share of success stories. People from all walks of life have chosen this industry to live their dreams. 

You will be glad to know that there are thousands of success stories out there, to inspire you. Just like you, successful real estate agents were once beginners too. 

If you’re eager to start a successful career in the real estate industry, you will be glad to learn and inspire yourself from the journeys of people who, like you, were once aspirants and learners too. 

With the help of education and a real estate license, you too can achieve your dream of becoming a real estate agent with confidence. 

How Long Do I Have To Finish?

Generally, the training period for real estate education lasts between a few weeks to months. However, this tenure isn’t always fixed and can vary depending on the course you opt for.

Due to constantly updating laws and regulations, there is always scope for flexibility in the final training duration. 

A few real estate license courses in Arizona offers fast-tracked courses. These help students to get their real estate licenses in less than 100 hours. 

How Soon Can I Finish?

Based on the course you choose, you will have to complete a certain minimum number of hours as part of your education required to obtain a real-estate license. 

This amount varies depending upon the state you are applying from. Traditionally, it requires at least 4 to 6 months to complete education and obtain a real estate license. 

5 Best Arizona Real Estate Schools for 2023

Though there are several Arizona real estate online courses available, only a select few are considered as top notch. 

Leading the list is RealEstateU providing high-quality pre-licensing and continuing education courses. Most importantly, their courses are most affordable in this niche.

Real Estate School in Arizona

Industry-Leading Pass Rates

Learn with the help of fully narrated videos from real-estate industry experts and experience interactive learning. Many top real estate training schools offer an in-depth, comprehensive learning pedagogy for real estate aspirants. 

By combining the convenience of online learning with the advantage of industry-leading pass rates, you will be set for success in your final exam. 

What Payment Plan Options Do Schools Offer?

To enroll in a real state school, you can either choose between the option to pay up front, in advance via any payment method. 

Else, you can also opt for monthly installments to be paid as you progress through the course. 

Many real estate schools have partnered with platforms such as Affirm and Klarna to help learners manage their total course fee easily in flexible installments. 

What Does It Take to be a Successful Real Estate Agent?

If you think you have it in you to become a successful real estate agent, now’s the time to start. 

Don’t worry if you are not ready to commit to the cost involved in completing your education. As a beginner, the cost to complete the course and final exam does seem like a major investment to many learners.

Thankfully, there are financing options to choose from to supplement your education. There’s no better time than now to get started on your journey.

Can I Get My Real Estate License Online In The State Of Arizona?

Don’t let the hassles of offline education stand in the way of your dream of joining the real estate industry as you can now get your license online. 

All you need to do is to simply register for online real estate classes in Arizona and complete the approved education. Once you successfully pass the final exam, you will obtain your license. 

Exam Preparation

To start your exam prep, you must get access to the required study materials and notes. Also, you should look at mock test papers to get a sense of the final exam. 

Most importantly, success in the final exam will depend on how determined and disciplined you are during your course. 

What is the total cost to get a real estate license in Arizona? 

To become a real estate agent in Arizona, you will need to complete a few mandatory steps, and pay for them as part of your education and training. 

Typically, these steps are:

  • Pre-licensing courses: A must have if you want to succeed in the final exam. These courses generally range from $300 to $700.
  • Licensing exam: This costs around $70 to $100 in Arizona. 
  • Fingerprint clearance card: This costs $67 as a one time fee.
  • Other optional fees: These costs range between $150 to $5000 on various factors.

What’s the average home price in Arizona?

As of 2022, a typical single family home in Arizona costs around $422,000. Of course, this varies as per many factors, and is always adapting as per the various cities in Arizona.

Arizona Real Estate Schools: Helpful Info

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