Discover the Best Real Estate Course in Florida for 2023

By Ciprian Morariu Published: October 10, 2023

The real estate industry is growing at a very fast pace, giving rise to a huge demand for real estate agents, brokers, property managers, and more. This has led to jobs in real estate becoming a very attractive proposition. 

If you want to kickstart your career in the sector, the first step is to get a license to practice. There are some formalities to be fulfilled. Check the licensing requirements in your state, enroll for a real estate course, sit for the exam, and after passing, apply for a license.

The course requirements vary between states. For example, in California, it is 135 hours, and in Georgia and New York 75 hours.

Real Estate Course in Florida

In this post, readers will get to know all the details about what is the best Florida real estate license course and the best real estate schools in Florida.  

Key Takeaways

  • Top 7 Real Estate Courses in Florida
    • RealEstateU
    • Colibri Real Estate
    • Aceable Agent
    • The CE Shop
    • Gold Coast Schools
    • Florida Real Estate School
    • Bob Hogue School of Real Estate
  • Choosing the Right Real Estate School in Florida
    • Accreditation and Reputation
    • Course Format and Flexibility
    • Support and Resources
  • Preparing for the Florida Real Estate Exam
  • Launching Your Real Estate Career in Florida

Top 7 Real Estate Courses in Florida

There is huge demand for licensed real estate agents in Florida because of the current real estate boom that the state is passing through. However, there are several requirements to fulfill before you can achieve this goal, mainly enrolling in the best real estate course in Florida and completing 63 hours of coursework. 

If you are gainfully employed and would rather complete the stipulated hours at your convenience, the best way to study is to enroll for an online real estate course. 

Before choosing the best pre-licensing course, thoroughly research the Internet to know which is the best Florida real estate school. Here we have selected the top 7 courses, not in any order, with all details and costs to help you decide and get your real estate career off to a flying start.

Colibri Real Estate

An online real estate school, Colibri Real Estate has over 130 experienced instructors offering guidance and insights about the real estate sector. There are four packages to choose from.

  • Basics for $139 - Three real estate e-books and state-approved instructor support.
  • Exam Preparation for $209 – The Basics package plus flashcards, audio review guides, simulated exams, and an “access until you pass” guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus for $319 – This course offers all study materials of the previous package plus live and interactive instruction and access to the animated video library.
  • Ultimate Learning for $439 – Exam Preparation Plus package plus career success tools, worksheets, an option to purchase a textbook, and a professional development program for one year.

Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent is one of the top Florida real estate schools. Included in the 63-hour pre-licensing course are all the test prep that you need to pass the exam. A critical feature of the course is the mobile app that provides students the freedom to study from anywhere at any time. 

A unique offering from Aceable Agent is the Broker Agent Match Program. You must answer a questionnaire and share it with real estate brokers in Florida. It will help you find one quickly after you pass the real estate exam. Aceable also has a money-back guarantee if you do not pass the exam.

Aceable offers three packages: Basic for $116, Deluxe for $229, and Premium for $329.

The CE Shop

Started in 2005, The CE Shop is acknowledged to be among the oldest and the best realtor schools in Florida. While the average exam pass rate in Florida is 40%, The CE Shop touches 88% with an assured money-back guarantee. The classes are simple, interactive, and relaxed with a user-friendly interface. The 63-hour pre-licensing course can be finished in as little as two weeks if you are willing to put in a 40-hour week. 

There are four packages on offer. They are Course Only at $139, Standard at $199, Value at $245, and Premium for $369. Even the basic Course Only package has digital flashcards, downloadable resources, a real estate glossary, a study schedule, and business e-books written by experts.

Gold Coast Schools

Gold Coast Schools was started in the 1970s. Today, apart from detailed and exhaustive prep courses and study materials for the real estate licensing exam, prep courses are also available for the construction and insurance sector. This aspect makes Gold Coast Schools among the best Florida real estate schools.    

The course includes a state exam simulator, digital flashcards, practice questions, and live-streamed classes. This affordable course has everything you need to pass the licensing exam.

Apart from the courses that are available in English and Spanish, Gold Cost Schools offers networking opportunities, employment assistance, and scheduling options. For those comfortable with a classroom environment, the school has offline brick-and-mortar classes along with their online digital programs. 

Florida Real Estate School  

Florida Real Estate School offers pre- and post-licensing prep materials as well as continuing education courses for real estate agents. Students get interactive learning experiences through video lectures conducted by real estate professionals. The USP of this institution is round-the-clock support from course instructors, a fact that makes it among the best real estate schools in Florida.   

The Florida Real Estate School follows the FRESH learning methodology. Broken down, it stands for Flexibility, Reinforcement, Engagement, Support, and History. Students may also use the demo course to know whether this school is right for them.   


RealEstateU is the best real estate school in Florida if you consider the low prices of the course materials. However, there is no compromise in quality as RealEstateU has instructors who are experienced professionals and experts in this field. 

The additional app allows you to study anytime on any smart device- your laptop, tablet, or mobile. Key concepts of the real estate pre-licensing course are explained thoroughly by visuals that can be downloaded on your system. 

The packages offered by RealEstateU are very affordable compared to others in this niche. The base Florida Real Estate License Course Only costs $99 but is available at $69 after a discount. At the top end is the Florida Real Estate License Course plus Study Guide plus e-Textbook which is priced at $253. The discounted price is $177. 

The mission of RealEstateU is to provide quality online education for those seeking a career in real estate.

Bob Hogue School of Real Estate

The Bob Hogue School of Real Estate was founded in 1978, offering the perfect answer to what is the best Florida real estate license course. The school has partnered with Kaplan, a leader in test courses ranging from CPA, and CMA, to CFA prep courses. On offer are two self-paced and two instructor-led prep courses. 

The self-paced courses are the Basic Course package at $249 and the Career Builder package at $499 which has a question bank, MP3 audiobook, and a real estate accelerator course.

The instructor-led options are the Basic Curse Package at $349 and the Career Builder Package at $599. You get licensed instructor support, interactive study group access, live online classes, and a real estate accelerator course. 

The seven schools given above are the best Florida real estate schools to enroll in to become a licensed real estate agent.

Real Estate Course Florida

Choosing the Right Real Estate Course in Florida

Let us now evaluate how to choose a real estate school in Florida. Go by these three parameters. 

Accreditation and Reputation

The Bob Hogue School of Real Estate tops the list in accreditation and reputation and is certified by the state of Florida. What has added to its reputation is that it has been going strong for more than four decades and has recently tied up with Kaplan. Now, Kaplan is reputed to be among the leading study materials providers for several tough exams such as CP, CMA, CFA, and more. Its reputation has rubbed off on the Bob Hogue School. 

Course Format and Flexibility

Colibri Real Estate has the best course format, created, and designed by over 130 instructors with experience in the real estate industry. The user-friendly interface and support help students to easily navigate through the course. Among the courses that you can choose from, the Basics package at $139 provides real estate e-books and approved instructor support. 

Support and Resources

Among the top Florida real estate schools, the Florida Real Estate School heads the list in support and resources. This is the only online real estate school that offers 24/7 instructor support and access to resources. You can thus study at any time that you want to, knowing that help is at hand around the clock.

For students on a budget, RealEstateU is the go-to pre-license course provider. At $69, you get the Basic package which has enough quality content to help you pass the licensing exam.

Preparing for the Florida Real Estate Exam

A pre-license requirement is to complete 63 hours of coursework. To easily crack the licensing exam, enroll in the best real estate course in Florida. 

The best for you is one that matches your learning style and has an app that you can study from while on the go. Choose a course that offers great instructor support to see you through any doubts that might arise.

How to Prepare For A Real Estate Career in Florida 

Before becoming a real estate agent in Florida, go through the following steps to get your license to practice. 

  • Research the pre-licensing requirements in Florida as it varies from state to state. 
  • Complete your 63 hours of pre-licensing coursework by enrolling in one of the best Florida real estate schools. 
  • Sit for the real estate licensing exam in Florida. 
  • Apply for a license after passing the exam.
  • Find a sponsoring broker who will mentor and support you.  

Once these steps have been achieved, you are now ready to launch your career as a real estate agent in Florida