Exploring Real Estate Agents in North Carolina

By Ciprian Morariu Published: January 25, 2024

Have you chalked out your plan to work in the dynamic, fast-paced, and satisfying real estate industry?  

One of the most popular career choices, real estate is known for its flexibility and freedom. It is a lucrative profession with an average income in the range of $100k annually. Additionally, you can fix your own work schedules, leading to a good work-life balance. 

In this article, we will go into the details of career choices in the real estate industry in North Carolina  

Whether you are wondering about how many real estate agents are there or what you can do with a real estate license - we will give you the details so you can make an informed decision. 

For complete newbies, navigating the world of real estate laws, rules, and requirements can be difficult and we have put together this article to help you get started.

Real Estate Agents in North Carolina

Overview of Real Estate Agent Profession

For those who do not even have the faintest clue about the industry, you might have come across the title of a real estate agent already. 

One of the most common career choices out there, real estate agents are everywhere. 

In fact, with a strong economy, stable demand, and a popular job outlook, North Carolina is home to around 90K active real estate agents! 

Let us take a closer look at who is a real estate agent and what are their job roles and responsibilities. 

Definition and Role of Real Estate Agents

By definition, any licensed professional who is allowed to take part in the selling, buying, or renting of real estate can be termed a real estate agent. 

A real estate agent is responsible for guiding their clients during real estate transactions. 

As an agent, you can represent either the buyer’s or the seller’s side.

If you are an aspiring agent in North Carolina, a career in real estate will give you the freedom to work on your own terms and create a flexible schedule at your convenience. 

Importance of Real Estate Agents in Property Transactions

A North Carolina real estate agent plays a crucial role in the selling, purchasing, renting, and leasing of real estate in the state. 

An agent fulfills the monumental and pivotal task of matching the expectations of a buyer and a seller since they are specialized in the real estate niche.  

Thus, they also ensure that transactions are trustworthy, transparent, and as per state and federal laws and regulations.  

Most importantly, real estate agents are aware of the latest market trends and updates and can guide clients suitably so that their interests are maximized. 

Additionally, a real estate transaction involves complex conditions and contracts that can be difficult to comprehend for an individual without a legal background. A real estate agent can help you mitigate the risks by explaining the terms and conditions to their clients. 

Real estate agents also conduct site visits and property showings to prospective buyers and investors.  

Last but not least, a real estate agent is responsible for helping their clients get the maximum value out of their investment. 

Be it a buyer or a seller, real estate agents utilize market data and comparative data to protect the rights of their clients. 

Important Requirements for Real Estate Agents in North Carolina to Get A License 

Steps to Follow to Obtain N Carolina Real Estate License 

Typically, a real estate professional is a licensed individual who works on a commission and/or salary basis. 

Therefore, it is imperative that people know how to get a license and practice as a North Carolina real estate agent.  

We understand that obtaining a real estate salesperson or broker’s license in Carolina can be intimidating. However, we have broken down the journey into smaller steps you can easily follow. 

You will learn everything from the time required to exam preparation tips in the coming sections of this article.

An Overview of Becoming a North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Agent. 

Completing the pre-licensing education is the first step towards becoming eligible for appearing in the licensing exam. 

The next step is to complete the background verification and fingerprint check to enable the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCERC) to conduct the criminal record check. 

It is mandated that you go through the above-mentioned two steps before being eligible to apply online for a real estate license in N Carolina. To obtain your salesperson or broker’s license, you must take and pass the final licensing exam. 

Note that you will need to take and clear the exam within 180 days of receiving your exam eligibility notice 

After successfully passing the final licensing exam, you will receive your real estate license in the mail. 

However, before your license can be activated, you must find a sponsoring broker willing to mentor you in the initial stages of your career. 

Note that picking the right broker or brokerage firm is key to ensuring that you give your career the right start. 

Educational Requirements and Exams

As per the laws established by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCERC), every applicant must complete 75 hours of coursework to fulfill the educational requirements. 

North Carolina requires every applicant to complete a mandatory 75 hours of education before appearing for the real estate licensing exam. 

Completing the pre-licensing exam is mandatory and you can expect to complete the following topics: 

  • Real estate license laws
  • Real estate finance
  • Property ownership
  • Basic construction
  • Property taxation
  • Land use controls
  • Fair housing
  • Real property valuation
  • Property management
  • Property ownership
North Carolina Real Estate Agents

How Many Real Estate Agents Are There?

National Perspective on Real Estate Agent Numbers

For aspiring students and real estate professionals, it is natural to ask common questions like how difficult is the real estate licensing exam or how many real estate agents are there in North Carolina. 

As per industry reports and job surveys, there are around 90 thousand real estate professionals in NC out of which 55 thousand are realtors

Realtors form about 50% of real estate professionals in North Carolina, being members of the North Carolina Realtors Association.

Specifics on the Number of Real Estate Agents in North Carolina

There are many different estimates when it comes to finding out the exact number of active real estate agents in North Carolina. 

However, as per the latest data, the state is home to a significant number of real estate agents estimated at around 90 thousand. 

In total, these agents represent around 5.3% of the total number of active real estate agents in the United States. 

Factors Influencing the Growth of Real Estate Agent Population

Due to favorable factors like a stable economy and a strong housing market, there is a growing demand for real estate agents and brokers in North Carolina. 

North Carolina is home to numerous popular and growing real estate markets, including - Hickory, Chapel Hill, Elizabeth City, Thomasville, and Rocky Mount. 

The state is witnessing rising interest from homebuyers and investors, thanks to its favorable climate and diverse culture. 

Additionally, growth in infrastructure projects and the state’s economic dynamics are also contributing factors to the real estate market of NC. 

Understanding NC Real Estate License Lookup

Why License Lookup is Important for Real Estate Consumers

License lookup service provides details of the license of any real estate practitioner. These include the name, date of license issue, mailing address, and whether the license is valid. All this information can be accessed on the NMLS website. 

The benefit of a license lookup service is that it fosters trust and transparency between real estate professionals and their clients.  

How to Use NC Real Estate License Lookup

Most states in the United States maintain an up-to-date database of all the state’s licensed real estate professionals and brokerage firms in the area. 

For consumers, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCERC) is a useful resource for finding specific details about the licensure of a firm or a professional. You can either visit the NCERC official website and begin the license lookup online.

Start the search by entering the zip code and finding out the agents operating in your area. Now, select the most suitable ones and ask for further details.

Ensuring the Validity of a Real Estate Agent’s License

With the help of an NC real estate license lookup, consumers and clients can easily determine the validity of a real estate agent or broker’s license.