Georgia And Its Real Estate Agent Population

By Ciprian Morariu Published: February 16, 2024

Licensed GA real estate agents assist clients with buying, selling, and renting properties, and provide guidance and expertise throughout the process. 

The process to become a Georgia real estate agent begins with completing a pre-licensing course and ends with passing the licensing exam. In between, fingerprints have to be submitted for verification of past criminal records if any. 

Real estate agents in Georgia play a vital role in the buying, selling, and renting of properties. They are knowledgeable professionals who can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the process to their interested clients.

GA real estate agents

Are you looking to buy, sell, or rent a property? 

A real estate agent can be an invaluable resource in this matter. These licensed professionals are experts who help clients navigate the complex real estate market.

They act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, negotiating prices and ensuring that contracts are fulfilled. 

There are many real estate companies in GA, from large national franchises to small independent firms. Some agents specialize in specific types of properties or areas, while others have a broad knowledge of the market.


How many real estate agents are there in Georgia? As per the GREC, there were about 45,000 active real estate licensees as of May 2023. Out of those licensees, about 31,000 were salespersons and 11,000 were working as real estate brokers in Georgia brokers. 

What Makes People Want to be Real Estate Agents in Georgia. 

1. Georgia has a flourishing real estate market and hence being a real estate agent in the state is a well-paying job. 

2. Georgia does not have stringent licensing laws and hence it is easier for people to become licensed real estate agents in the state. 

3. The state has a high-growth economy and a large population, making it the ideal location to practice by real estate professionals. 

These are some of the reasons why people want to be real estate agents in Georgia. 

Real Estate Agents in Georgia – Roles and Responsibilities

Cutting to the chase and highlighting the various roles you as an agent play in the real estate market. 

  1. Providing Expertise: as a real estate agent in Georgia, you are an expert in the field of real estate. 
  2. Property Valuation: your role will include helping property owners determine the value of their property. 
  3. Marketing: in Georgia, your role is to help sellers market their property by listing it on multiple platforms. 
  4. Negotiation: as a real estate agent, you act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. You negotiate on behalf of your clients to get the best price and terms for the property. 
  5. Handling Paperwork: Real estate transactions involve a lot of paperwork, and you must draw up contracts and the necessary documents. 
  6. Closing the Deal: your role is to facilitate the closing of the deal by coordinating with all the parties involved in the transaction. 

After you become a licensed real estate agent, you help clients navigate the complex process of buying or selling a property.

Requirements to Become a Georgia Real Estate Agent

1. Requirements of Education

  • Apart from having a high school diploma or equivalent, you must complete 75 hours of pre-licensing coursework to be eligible to appear for the licensing exam.
  • Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old and have a clean criminal record.

2. Licensing and Exams

  • First, go through a 75-hour pre-licensing course provided by a school or course provider approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. 
  • After completing the course, you will need to pass a licensing exam administered by AMP testing services. 
  • Complete the 152 questions set in the exam within 240 minutes. You need to score at least 75% to pass the exam. 
  • Once you pass the exam, you will need to complete a 25-hour post-license course within the first year of obtaining your license. 
  • Once you are licensed, go through 36 hours of continuing education to ensure the validity of your license every four years. 

Continuing Education In Georgia

It is mandatory in Georgia to go through 36 hours of continuing education (CE) every four years to ensure that the license of a real estate professional remains active. The purpose of CE is to make sure that they keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the real estate industry. 

The CE coursework consists of three hours of Georgia License Law and 33 hours of elective courses approved by the GREC. 

These courses cover a wide range of topics, including property management, commercial real estate, real estate investing, and more. 

You can better serve your clients by being aware of the latest developments in the industry through continuing education.

real estate agents in GA

Top Real Estate Agents in Georgia

Reaching the top of a real estate agency is not easy. Here are some tips on how to reach the top of a real estate agency: 

  1. Build your knowledge and expertise: Expand your knowledge base and expertise by attending seminars, and networking events. 
  2. Focus on building relationships: Building strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and industry professionals leads to referrals and more business. 
  3. Develop a strong brand and marketing strategy: Use social media platforms to build a strong brand that will make you stand out among competitors. 
  4. Set goals and track your progress: you must set specific goals and tracking your progress can help you stay focused and motivated. Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable, and regularly measure your progress towards achieving them.

Remember, success in the real estate industry takes time, effort, and commitment. 

Here are some professionals who have made it big in the real estate industry in Georgia. 


Name Of Agent/Group

Real Estate Agency/Company


Jessica Liu 

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's


Ben Hirsh 

Hirsh Real Estate Buckhead


Debra Johnston

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia Properties 


Ryan Ward 

Keller Williams Realty Lanier Partners 


Margie Medlin 

Engel & Völkers Buckhead Atlanta 


Mary Anne Walser 

The Mary Anne Walser Group 


The Providence Group 

Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners


The Peters Company

Keller Williams Realty Chattahoochee North 


The Graham Seeby Group

Keller Williams Realty In town Atlanta 


The Cueny Team

Harry Norman, REALTORS

Criteria for Selection

Some common criteria for selection of the top real estate agents in Georgia are:

  1. Your experience in the real estate industry, 
  2. your track record of successful sales, 
  3. your professional qualifications, 
  4. your knowledge of the local market, 
  5. your communication and negotiation skills, and 
  6. your ability to build and maintain relationships with clients. 
  7. Additionally, companies may also consider factors such as the agent's reputation, 
  8. your marketing strategies, 
  9. your use of technology and social media

The GA real estate industry has seen steady growth in recent years. This has been a big boost for Georgia real estate agents who are assured of a lucrative and rewarding career.