A Guide to the Real Estate Post License Course In Georgia

By Ciprian Morariu Published: November 3, 2023

All sales agents in Georgia must complete 25 hours of real estate post-license educationwithin the first year of issue of license. This stipulation is mandated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC). The highlights of this course curriculum are the legal aspects and best practices to follow in the real estate industry. 

This post is a comprehensive guide to the GA real estate post-license requirements including the details of the course and the exam.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction to the Georgia Real Estate Post License Course
    • What is the real estate post-licensing course in Georgia
    • Overview of the Georgia Real Estate Post License Course
  • Georgia Real Estate Post License Requirements
    • Understanding the Georgia Real Estate License
    • Completion of Pre-License Education
    • Applying for the Georgia Real Estate License
    • Additional Requirements for the Post-License Course
  • Structure and Format of the Georgia Real Estate Post License Course
    • Course Duration and Format
    • Course Curriculum
    • Post License Examination
  • Preparing for the Georgia Real Estate Post License Exam
    • Study Materials and Resources
    • Creating a Study Plan
Georgia Real Estate Post License Course

Introduction to The Georgia Real Estate Post-Licensing Course

What is the Real Estate Post-Licensing Course in Georgia

The post-licensing course in Georgia refers to the continuing education mandated by the state. Newlylicensed salesperson must complete the course as stipulated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC). 

Real estate agents must fulfillall the requirements for a license to be eligible for starting on additional coursework. This includes going through 75-hour pre-licensing coursework and passing the real estate exam. Ensure that the course provider is state-approved like the online courses of RealEstateU.

Complete the Georgia real estate post-license course within one year of being awarded the license. Failure to do so will lead to the lapsing of the salesperson’s license.  

After completing the post-licensing course in the first year of licensing, be prepared to meet career-long continuing education requirements. 

Overview of the Georgia Real Estate Post-Licensing Course

Let us investigate the purpose of the GA real estate post-licensing course. GREC prefers that new real estate agents should have a good understanding of the basics of the industry before transacting business. Hence, a major part of the pre-licensing course forms the curriculum of the post-licensing course. 

But there is a critical difference here in how you use the concepts. The pre-licensing course teaches you about the basic concepts of the industry. The post-licensing course shows how to put these concepts to practice in the first year of your career. Hence, it is a combination of study and practice that will help enhance your understanding of the concepts of this sector. 

Requirements of the Georgia Real Estate Post-License Course

Knowing about the Georgia Real Estate License Norms

A Georgia real estate license is the permission to practice in the real estate sector in the state. The Georgia Real Estate Commission oversees the rules and regulations of this industry. The basic prerequisite to get into real estate is to be at least 18 years old. You must also be an American resident or an alien with a work permit to practice in the country. 

Further, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent and a clean background record certificate. This certification proves your ethics and high standards to prosper in real estate. Submit your fingerprints to the designated authorities, they will check your background and give the required clearances. 

You are now ready to get into the real estate industry in Georgia. 

Meeting the Pre-license Education Requirements in Georgia

The state of Georgia requires you to complete 75 hours of pre-licensing real estate coursework. Further, the course provider should be approved by the GREC like RealEstateU. You can choose either an online course or an in-person one, depending upon your convenience. 

We at RealEstateU have designed online pre-license courses that are among the most affordable in this niche. Moreover, successful real estate professionals deliver our audio and video lectures, guaranteeing success in the exam. 

Online courses are typically more convenient than in-person courses. You do not have to commute to classrooms and can study anytime from anywhere. All that you require is an Internet-enabled device and a stable Wi-Fi connection. 

How to Applyfor the Georgia Real Estate License

Apply for the real estate license once you complete the pre-licensing course. Enclose proof of completing 75 hours of pre-licensing coursework along with the certificate of background clearance.

Now, sit for the real estate exam and score a minimum of 72% to crack the test. Your last step to get a license is to join a brokerage firm. Not only will you be mentored in the initial stages of your career but you will also get a place to work from.

An active license will be mailed to you by GREC once you complete these formalities. 

Additional Requirements for the Post-License Course

All aspiring real estate license holders must pass through two stages. One is to complete a 25-hour GA real estate post-license course. The next is to pass the Georgia real estate post-license exam within the first year of getting the real estate license. The course should be a GREC-approved “Sales Post-License” one. Score 70% or higherto pass the Georgia real estate exam and be awarded a license. 

Your license will lapse if you do not complete these first-year post-license norms. To revive your license, enrollin a post-license course in Georgia on or before the due date. Complete the course within six months of the due date.

Real Estate Post License Course in Georgia

Structure and Format of the Georgia Real Estate Post License Course

Course Duration and Format

As per law in Georgia, all newly licensed real estate salespersons must complete a 25-hour post-license course within the first year of licensure. Of this period, 9 hours count towards the overall course work of continuing education needed for license renewal. 

Renew the Georgiareal estate license every four years. During this period, complete continuing education requirements of 36 credit hours. For first-time renewal, go through 25 hours of the 36 hours of coursework in the first year. 

Check out the post-license renewal courses offered by us at RealEstateU. Our instructors are all experienced real estate professionals who have gone through the grind before. Check out our online courses and study from the convenience of any place anytime. Moreover, we offer the most affordable courses without compromising on the quality of the study materials. 

Submit your license renewal application online after you have completed your 25-hour GA real estate post-license requirements in the first year. The remainder 9hours of CE must be completed in the next three years. 

Course Curriculum

The course explains in detail the four components of a balanced marketing mix, that is promotion, product, price, and place. In the course offered by us at RealEstateU, we teach salespersons the principles of data analysis, market research, and market segmentation. All these together teach you to become a better salesperson and increase efficiency to improve career growth. 

The GA real estate post-license course also focuses on the current technology-driven sales and business environment. Put special emphasis on social media strategies and online marketing to reach out to potential clients.Further, this course covers the various aspects of the Residential Mortgage Fraud Law of Georgia. 

Check out the RealEstateU post-license course. It is a very comprehensive guide on how to apply effective sales and marketing techniques in a real estate career.  

Post-License Examination

The Georgia real estate post-license exam requires a score of 75% to pass with one permissible retake. You cannot retake the final exam on the same day. If you fail the retake, you have to go through the entire coursework again. 

The final real estate exam held in Georgia is proctored. Hence, schedule an appointment with a proctor well in time. Research and understand the process of proctoring before sitting for the exam. Having a thirdparty supervise your exam ensures that you do not adopt unfair means. 

The proctor signs an affidavit at the end of the exam confirming your identity as the person who has completed the 25-hour course and the final exam.

Preparing for the Georgia Real Estate Post License Exam

Study Materials and Resources

Online courses and resources are preferred as they allow you to go through the study materials at your own pace and convenience. You get to learn from instructors with experience in this field and are aware of local conditions. 

The resources offered include access to downloadable videos, learning aids like e-textbooks, articles, flashcards, and checklists. However, most importantly, you can interact with instructors at your convenience via email whenever needed and seek additional help. This facility will not be available for in-person classes. 

Check out the post-license real estate course of RealEstateU for more information. 

Creating a Study Plan

The key to cracking the Georgia real estate post-license exam is to have a study plan in place. 

Identify the exam topics where to focus your study time. Select your weak areas and give more weight there. Set realistic goals and timelines while designing a study plan to cover all the topics. Finally, choose study materials that align with your learning style, whether in-person or online.