The Texas Sales Apprentice Education and its Requirements

By Ciprian Morariu Published: November 27, 2023

To be a licensed real estate agent, you need to complete certain continuing education requirements as mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). It is the regulating body for real estate sector administration in Texas. Let us check out the various aspects of what is SAE in real estate.

The Texas Sales Apprentice Education (SAE) program is a compulsory part of the education requirements for you if you wish to stay a licensed real estate sales agent in Texas

Texas Sales Apprentice Requirements

Introduction to the Texas SAE Courses 

The SAE program requires you to complete 90 classroom hours (3 courses of 30 hours each) of coursework. As per the rules, complete these courses within two years of passing the Texas licensing exam. This time window is therefore crucial to getting a valid license to practice.  

General Overview

The SAE course hours must cover the following: 

  1. Marketing
  2. Accounts and Finance
  3. Maintenance
  4. Administration
  5. Legal 
  6. Federal Regulations
  7. Real estate Investment 
  8. Legal update 1- 4 hours (compulsory)
  9. Legal update 2- 4 hours (compulsory)

Please note, that you must choose any three courses from the above list (30 hours each) as per your field of interest. Apart from this, you must also complete an additional 8 hours of legal update courses as mentioned above in the list. These are mandatory.

Also, 30 hours of Brokerage Course completion is required if you have been appointed as a supervisor by your broker (w.e.f. October 2023). Interestingly, courses must be completed every year to maintain the licenses. If you fail to clear them, your licenses will be revoked.  

After completing this, you can legally resume practicing real estate transactions in Texas as earlier. 

Is SAE in Real Estate Licensing Necessary And Why Is It So? 

Since the real estate industry is highly dynamic and competitive, you must have a good understanding of the field. You might think that after you get the license, things end but it is not the case. The Texas continuing education is equally important because:  

  1. It gives agents like you the new wings to fly in the form of practical skills to succeed in the field. 
  2. You can get new valuable insights after completing this course and put them into practice again in the real world.  
  3. You learn how to negotiate, manage properties, legally and ethically practice, close deals, and earn profits.

SAE Courses: Brief understanding 

All Sales apprentice education courses are designed to give updated knowledge and skills to succeed in the field. This industry can sometimes be overwhelming.

They also provide you with the support you may require in the competitive industry environment. After attending the sales apprentice program,you are better prepared to take on more responsibilities and meet any challenge. 

The SAE courses also provide the opportunity to network with other professionals and experts in the industry. This happens when you attend workshops, classes, and meetings. This will prove to be fruitful for you.

Therefore, sales apprentice courses are valuable and enriching for existing licensed agents.

Types of SAE Courses to Choose From in Texas

You will get a wide range of courses that are available in Texas. They will surely help you to gather knowledge and skills to start a successful career in the real estate industry.  

Here are some: 

  1. Legal and Ethics: you will study the legal and ethical aspects of real estate including real estate contracts and fair housing laws of the TREC. 
  2. Marketing: you will learn some marketing strategies to promote their services and offerings. The topics in this include creating a marketing plan, branding, advertising, and social media marketing. 
  3. Property Management: Here, you will study the basics of property management, lease agreements, and landlord-tenant laws. 
  4. Real Estate Finance: Learn the basics of real estate finance, mortgages, loans, interest rates, and various financing options. 
  5. Commercial Real Estate: Study about the different types of commercial properties, leasing agreements, and investment strategies. 
  6. Legal updates 1&2: The Texas Law continuing education course covers all updated topics of law and federal regulations. 

Let us talk about Eligibility and Enrollment Process for SAE Courses 

The eligibility criteria largely depend on the course provider and the specific course. 

Some general eligibility criteria are: 

  1. You must be a legal resident of the United States to be eligible for the course.
  2. You must renew your license after you get a renewal notice from TREC. You will get this before 90 days of your license expiration timeline.
  3. Submit your required documents to TREC 10 days before the license expires. You can do this only when you have completed the mandatory courses.The license will be deactivated if you fail to do so. 

These are the most basic requirements asked for applying for a Texas SAE Course.

  1. Choose a course provider to suit your budget from among the many available in the market. 
  2. After you choose your reliable course provider, you must register first for the course you want to study. At this stage, you must provide your details like name, age, and payment details to formally lock in the chosen course.     
  3. You must complete 90 hours of coursework now assuming you have already gone through 180 hours of pre-licensing education. You can choose whether you want to attend online classroom or offline.   
  4. You must pass the final exam as it is a mandatory requirement. You must submit the score of your result to complete the enrollment process within the submission window.  
  5. The next and final step is to obtain your certificate of completion of the course. You must pass the exam to secure your certificate. You must submit the certificate fulfilling the licensing requirements set by the TREC.  
Texas Sales Apprentice Education

SAE vs. CE in Texas Real Estate - What is the difference? 

The Texas SAE courses are for licensed agents to renew their real estate license before the first renewal falls due. CE courses help you stay current on the changes in the real estate industry post the first renewal cycle. 

Therefore, both SAE and CE courses provide valuable and updated knowledge to real estate agents in Texas.

The SAE differs from CE on several fronts as discussed below

The main difference between the two courses depends on who needs to take up the course, and the timeline and frequency of its completion.  

CE Mandatory Requirements:

  1. CE is required by agents to renew their real estate license in Texas from the second renewal cycle onwards. 
  2. CE consists of 18 hours of coursework every two years to maintain the current license. This includes 
  • Legal Update I- 4 hours
  • Legal Update II- 4 hours
  • Contract- 3 hours
  • Elective Courses- 7 hours
  1. You must complete the Texas CE coursework before your renewal period ends. 

Summing up, SAE and CE Courses of Texas differ in hours of coursework required and the frequency of completion. 

Make the right choice by selecting the right SAE Course for you

Let us learn how you can make the right choice for selecting an SAE course. 

Research: You must look for course providers who have a good reputation among previous students and have consistently performed up to the mark. Hence, do your research thoroughly before arriving at a final decision. 

  1. Course format: You must most definitely take into consideration the course format offered by the provider.  
  2. Course duration: The duration of the coursewhich is 90 hours must match your schedule and targets. 
  3. Reviews, testimonials, and feedback: This can help you get insight into the real experience faced by agents. This can give you a clear picture of the quality of the course and the instructor's effectiveness. 
  4. Competitive Pricing: The SAE courses can vary in pricing from one course provider to another. So, you must thoroughly compare pricing from different course providers to choose the best value for money for your budget. 

The information given above shows completing SAE courses in Texas is essential for renewing a real estate license for the first time. The courses provide agents with new and updated knowledge and skills to maintain a successful career in the real estate industry.