Utilizing License Lookup Services in Arizona

By Ciprian Morariu Published: January 9, 2024

An online license lookup is a tool to search and verify the status of a real estate agent’s license. Among the info provided are the licensee's name and number and any penal action taken against the person. 

What does a Real Estate License Lookup signify in this industry?

Real estate license lookup is an online tool to search and verify the licensure status of real estate professionals. For a license lookup in the state, visit the website of the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

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What is the Role of the Arizona Department of Real Estate

The Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) is a state government-controlled body that regulates the functioning of the real estate industry in the state. 

Let us check the roles and responsibilities of (ADRE) in detail 

  1. ADRE supervises the licensing process and conduct of all real estate professionals in Arizona. 
  2. ARDE ensures that consumers’ interests are protected and real estate personnel maintains high ethical standards. 
  3. This department also regulates education and training requirements for aspiring real estate professionals in the state. 
  4. ADRE handles complaints and inquiries related to real estate transactions including allegations of misconduct if any.  

How Does the Arizona Department of Real Estate License Lookup Function Work

Any person can check the status of a license of a real estate professional through the real estate license AZ lookup feature. Thanks to the ADRE, you can do so now quickly and easily on its online database.

How do you gain access to your Arizona Department of Real Estate license lookup?

You can now access your license and all the information about it in a few easy steps given below: 

  1. Browse the website of the ADRE to search for license records of real estate professionals for free.  
  2. Next, on the website, you will find a “search by” tab where you have to type in all the details you are looking for. 
  3. You will get your filtered results and can review them to find the licensee you were looking for. 

What information is available in a license lookup?

When you search the license information, you will first get all the basic details of the license like name and status, and more. 

To get more details and information, click on the flashing license number. The information that you will so get includes:

  1. The date of issue of the license. 
  2. The valid through date of the license (expiration date).
  3. The history of work in the industry by the licensee.
  4. If the licensee has taken any continuing education courses in the last two periods.
  5. Any legal complaints pending against the licensee and action taken in this regard.

No records are available in the database of ADRE if the license being searched for is under process. The entries done manually take 3-5 days to reflect in the system. 

If you have any issues with the Department of Arizona Real Estate license lookup

What are the services that are provided by the Arizona Department of Real Estate?

1. It offers licensing services

ADRE administers and oversees the real estate licensing examination for aspiring real estate professionals. 

It issues licenses and offers renewal services for agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals.  

2. It gives education and training

It offers and regulates educational and training requirements for candidates seeking to become licensed real estate professionals. It also sets continuing education requirements so that licensed professionals stay updated about new developments.

3. It protects consumers interests

It also conducts investigations into alleged violations including ethical misconduct if any, committed by professionals. 

4. It offers online services

Arizona real estate license lookup services help license verification of real estate professionals in Arizona. Facilities include submitting applications, renewing licenses, and payment of fees. 

5.  It offers license renewal services

The Arizona Department of Real Estate License Renewal service is another major function of the body. It includes license renewal, for agents and brokers practicing in the state.  

6. It provides regulatory oversight

It frames laws and regulations governing the real estate industry in the state. ADRE also enforces disciplinary action against licensed professionals for any violation of the law. 

7. Helps in public outreach and resources

It offers educational materials and resources and conducts workshops and seminars to educate industry stakeholders.  

Since the laws of ADRE keep evolving, check the official website for the latest information.  

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The Consequences of an Unlisted License and Incorrect Information

Mistakes happen during manual work and dual or wrong information may be entered in the database. Hence, particulars of your license may not be available in the database. 

For example, you may still see that your license status is “inactive” even after you have renewed your license. This happens when the department is changing your status and assigning your license to your new brokerage. 

All it requires is some patience and faith from your side. 

Rest assured that there is full transparency and maximum help offered by the Arizona authority. 

The next question that may arise is,

What happens in the case of expiry of your license?  

First, avoid this possibility this possibility by renewing your license on time every two years.  

ADRE offers a grace period of one year to renew your license after the expiry date. For that, you need to fulfill certain requirements and you’re good to go.

What are the conditions set by ADRE for late license requirements? 
1. You must complete all continuing education requirements there are.

2. Secondly, you must submit the disclosure about penal actions which free you from any pending actions against you.

3. Next, you must pay the late renewal fee after checking the fee schedule on the ADRE website.

4. Submit your online renewal license application on the ADRE website to begin processing. 

5. Keep track of your application, status, and any communication from the ADRE’s side. You must give prompt replies if demanded from you.

What happens if you do not renew your license within one year after expiry date?  

If your license has expired for more than one year, follow the process given below.  

These are:

  1. Reach out to the ADRE as soon as possible and enquire about the procedure.
  2. Submit a formal reinstatement application.
  3. Complete additional education or retake the licensing exam, whichever is necessary.
  4. Pay the reinstatement fee as stipulated by the regulatory body ADRE.
  5. Undergo a background check and fingerprinting process.

A verification tool like the license look-up confirms that the license of a real estate professional is in order.