What are the costs of obtaining a real estate agent license in California?

The costs of obtaining a real estate license in CA can be divided into fixed and variable costs. The fixed costs are payable for applying for a license and various other related fees. The variable cost is what you pay for a CA real estate license course. 

Fixed costs: 

  1. Exam fee payable to the California Department of Real Estate is $60
  2. The cost of using your fingerprints to conduct a background check for verification of past California and Federal criminal history is $49. This fee must be paid directly to the provider of this service. 
  3. The real estate license application fee to be paid to DRE is $245 

Hence the fixed cost for getting a California real estate license is $354.

Variable cost:

This is the expense for a California real estate course and varies between service providers. Take the case of courses offered by RealEstateU, among the best real estate online courses in California. The basic course comes at a very affordable price of $99. Our license course and study guide combined are available for only $178, while our full license course, study guide, and agent success course bundle is offered for $277

When you add the fixed costs to the cost of the course, you get a total cost of $453 for a real estate license in California.

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