What are the exam policies at the Louisiana PSI testing center?

PSI only allows approved items into the examination room. Personal belongings must stay in your vehicle or can be placed in secure storage provided at each testing site before the exam. Electronic devices, including mobile devices, watches, cameras, and music players, will not be permitted in the exam room.

Anyone that accompanied you to the exam cannot wait in the examination center, the building, or the building’s property.

Food and drink are not allowed in the examination center. Smoking is not permitted.

As part of the check-in process, all testing candidates will be asked to empty their pockets, lift the ends of their sleeves and the bottoms of their pant legs to ensure any notes or recording devices are not being hidden. Any exceptionally bulky or loose clothing that could conceal recording devices or notes is not permitted. They will also inspect eyeglass frames or any other apparel that could hide a recording device.

Any candidate found possessing prohibited items in the testing center will have the exam results invalidated and be asked to leave the examination center. A report will be made to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.

View the full list of items not allowed in the PSI testing center in the Candidate Information Bulletin.

Once you start the exam, you may only leave the room to use the restroom. Ask the Proctor for permission first. You will not receive extra time to complete the exam.