What are the exam policies at the MI PSI testing center?

The following is a summary of the exam policies for the PSI testing center:
1) Only approved items are allowed in the exam room.
2) All personal belongings must be placed in a secure storage provided by PSI.
3) Electrical devices are not permitted in the exam room.
4) Bulky or loose clothing, hats, and other personal items are not permitted in the exam room.
5) Any person(s) accompanying you to the test center are not permitted to wait in the exam center, inside the building, or on the building's property.
6) No smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed in the exam center.
7) Eyeglass frames, tie tacks, or any other apparel that could be used to harbor a recording device may be inspected by the proctor.
8) Any candidate possessing prohibited items in the exam room shall immediately have his or her test results invalidated.
9) Any candidate seen giving or receiving assistance on the exam, found with unauthorized materials, or who violates any security regulations will be asked to surrender all exam materials and to leave the exam center.
10) Copying or communicating exam content is prohibited and may lead to the disqualification of your exam results.
11) Once you have been seated and the exam begins, you are only allowed to leave the exam room to use the restroom, and only after receiving permission from the proctor.

Please have a look at page 3 of the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin for more detailed exam policies.