What is included on the Georgia Real Estate Salesperson State exam?

The Georgia Real Estate Salesperson State exam consists of two portions.
1) The Nation Real Estate portion
2) The Georgia Salesperson Supplement portion (also known as the State portion).

The National portion of the exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.
You will be quizzed on the following topics:

  1. Agency Relationships and Contracts: 28 questions
  2. Real Property Ownership/Interest: 13 questions
  3. Finance: 14 questions
  4. Real Property: 14 questions
  5. Marketing Regulations (purchase and rental): 10 questions
  6. Property Management: 8 questions
  7. Real Estate Calculations: 13 questions

The Georgia State Supplement portion consists of 52 questions.
You will be quizzed on the following topics:

  1. State Laws and Rules: 16 questions
    • Unfair Practices
    • Substantive Regulations
    • Qualifications and Fees
    • Fair Housing Laws
    • Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund
    • Investigation and Hearing Process
    • Commission Organization and Procedures
    • Required Licensure

  2. Real Estate Practice In Georgia: 21 questions
    • Real Estate Practice
    • Sales Contracts
    • Listing and Agency
    • Property Management
  3. Fiance and Closing: 15 questions
    • Finance
    • Closing Procedures

Please note that the questions are randomized, so you will not be able to identify if the questions are from the state or national portion.