In a nutshell

American Investment Properties (AIP) is Long Island’s premier commercial real estate (CRE) firm which provides honest and reliable expert advice to every client. Whether investors are in the real estate market to buy or sell property, American Investment Properties (AIP) will dedicate its resources to broker a winning deal. The real estate agents at American Investment Properties specialize in the sale and disposition of multiple types of investment properties.

What Makes Us Different

  • 24/7 Guidance
  • No Desk Fees
  • One-on-One Mentorship
  • Cutting Edge Training Program
  • Competitive Commission Splits
  • In-Depth KPI Tracking

Our Team

  • Highly Trained Agents
  • Motivational and professional environment
  • Access to Broker and Manager for any questions or inquiries
  • Amazing growth opportunities


American Investment Properties’ office is located at 300 Garden City Plaza in Suite 150, Garden City NY 11530. 

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To inquire about joining American Investment Properties, please contact us through our career page.

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Why Choose American Investment Properties (AIP)

The team at AIP have extreme determination and a passion for their work which brings a level of excitement and innovation to our brand. We have a deep desire to understand our market, customer, and strategy. Each member of the AIP team cares about the brand and inspires others with our thirst for knowledge and excellence.

AIP is know for its work and providing clients with unsurpassed quality. Our quality is reflected in the marketing materials we produce, striving to be the most innovative and polished marketing packages to assist in the sale of commercial real estate.

Our team believes that a positive attitude leads to success and happiness. By encouraging our team to be optimistic it can make life easier and it helps to avoids unnecessary stress and negative thinking. We are able to admit mistakes quickly and move on. We take time to reflect and focus on personal growth.



What Makes American Investment Properties Different

1. Environment
At American Investment Properties our core values include the 3 p’s: Passion, Professionalism and Positivity. Our unmatched success begins with our team’s passion and drive for results. By creating an open culture where individuals can foster new ideas we are able to be the most innovative commercial real estate firm. Our level of professionalism in all areas provides reassurance to our clients and helps to create results. By relating to one another and ourselves with positivity we can create better, more meaningful, relationships within our organizations and with our clients.

2. Agent Development
AIP’s cutting-edge training program has turned our licensed agents into CRE experts. We cater to every agents’ individual needs by adjusting the training schedule based on time constraints and ability. Our company holds professionalism to the highest standard, so we pride ourselves in making sure our agents are highly versed in commercial real estate. From terminology and formulas to investment sales training, and database management, we ensure that our agents are prepared for success.

3. Resources
American Investment Properties provides their agents with an assortment of high-grade resources from day one.  Our office is equipped with brand new computers, CRM software, real time KPI tracking and access to our extensive lead database where our agents can start building their pipeline immediately. We offer a top-of-the-line marketing team, who can provide quick turnaround of marketing materials, and strong management of marketing platforms like email, listing websites, social media, print etc. Our comprehensive scenario scripts allow our agents to be prepared for anything on the phone.

4. Credibility
American Investment Properties was named the “2017 Long Island Business News Commercial Broker of the Year” and “Build Real Estate’s Best Commercial Real Estate Agency in Long Island.”

In addition to that our President, Ron Koenigsberg, has hosted the Long Island CRE Summit 2017 & 2018. Our firm is routinely featured in the New York Real Estate Journal, Long Island Business News, and Appraisal Institute of Long Island.

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