Being a broker in Arizona a good career choice?

By Ciprian Morariu Published: December 29, 2023

Arizona real estate is a dynamic industry and holds a diverse potential to offer something to everyone. It has stunning landscapes and vibrant cities to flaunt in its kitty. There are a huge deal of real estate opportunities right from the professionals managing it to clients buying or selling it. 

In this piece, you will learn all about real estate brokers in Arizona, how they function, what they offer and how to become one.

real estate broker license in Arizona

After serving as a real estate agent, the next level is a broker. Therefore, the Arizona real estate broker license is a legal credential that allows you to operate at a higher and advanced level within the real estate industry of Arizona. If you have a broker license, then it signifies that you have a higher level of education, work experience and responsibility as compared to a real estate agent. With this legal credential, you have the authority to oversee transactions, manage a brokerage and supervise real estate agents professionally.

Overview of the process of becoming one

There is not much difference between how to become a real estate broker in Arizona and that of a real estate agent. However, the eligibility requirements and conditions are very different from that of an agent. 

In this post, we will walk you through the process of how to get an Arizona real estate broker license including the key eligibility norms. 

Step 1: meet the basic eligibility requirements

1. Your age should be a minimum of 21 years.  

2. You must have three years of work experience as a licensed real estate agent.

3. You must have completed the 90-hour pre-licensing education course in a real estate school, which is approved by the Department of Real Estate (ADRE).

4. You must pass the Arizona real estate broker examination as the final step.

Step 2: Complete the Required Education

The education requirement demands you complete the 90-hour broker pre-licensing education course from an ADRE-approved real estate school. Here you must completely cover topics related to real estate principles, laws, contracts and brokerage management. The advanced levels of these topics must be covered. 

Step 3: Gain Real Estate Experience

Becoming a broker comes after you have served in the industry as a real estate agent. The experience that is demanded from you spans three years. These three years of experience as a real estate agent must be during the five years preceding the application.

Step 4: Apply for the Broker License Examination

The next step requires you to formally apply for the Broker license examination. This step comes after you complete the pre-licensing education course. 

Step 5: Pass the Broker License Examination

The most important step is to pass the broker license examination. The main objective of this examination is to assess your knowledge of real estate laws, regulations and practises that are specific to Arizona State.

Step 6: Apply for the Arizona Real Estate Broker License

Once you pass the Broker exam, now you have to apply for the license. The application will include evidence of completing the required education, passing the examination and meeting other eligibility criteria. The application is then submitted to the Arizona Department of Real Estate for their perusal. 

Step 7: Document verification

The following steps then involve the application, review and approval of documents thus submitted. The supporting documents include verification of your real estate experience, which includes the number of years you have worked as an agent the background check results and other supporting documents.

As an aspiring real estate broker interested in further specialisation. You must note that these procedures may be subject to change and therefore, you must consult with the most recent version of the handbook for the latest information.

Exploring the Real Estate Broker Career in Arizona

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in real estate, a real estate broker career is the choice of many. It provides you with leadership roles within real estate if you’re looking for it. This can be a rewarding journey for your career and income-wise. 

Benefits and Advantages of Obtaining a Real Estate Broker License in Arizona

If you have a broker’s license in your name then you are entitled to several amazing benefits attached to it. 

The key benefits are:

1. Increased Professional Authority

Holding a real estate broker license, grants you increased professional authority if compared to being a real estate agent in the Arizona real estate industry. Being a broker, you have the authority to oversee transactions manager brokerage and provide supervision to practising real estate agents under you.

2. Supervisory Role

If you are seeking a leadership role in this industry, being a broker helps you do that you can take on a supervisory role within a real estate brokerage. Here you will be responsible for ensuring that the transactions that are conducted or ethical and in compliance with state laws and regulations. You can also be a mentor to budding real estate agents.

3. Ability to manage a brokerage

Owning a brokerage license, you have the option to own and operate your real estate firm. This will allow you greater control over your business operations, marketing, branding and taking strategic decisions.

4. Client representation in complex transactions

By this, it means that you as brokers can directly represent, your clients where complex or high-profile transactions are involved. Your role will be to provide expert advice, negotiate on behalf of your clients and ensure that their interests are well represented by you.

5. Access to a broad range of real estate opportunities

Being a broker, a lot of opportunities to engage in a wide range of real estate activities open up. This includes getting into commercial real estate, property management and exploring areas of real estate investments etc.

6. Professional recognition

As obtaining a broker's license is a level up, it gives you more professional recognition within the industry. It tells that you have a higher level of education, more years of work, experience and unhinged commitment to ethical standards of practising.

7. Increased earning potential

In contrast to a real estate agent’s income potential, you as a broker will always have the upper hand in getting higher earnings in the same property transaction. This is true for brokers who operate their brokerage firms and receive a portion of the commissions that are generated by agents who work under them.

8. Entrepreneurial opportunities

You will have the opportunity to establish and grow a real estate business of your own. You can build your brand, develop your marketing strategies and create a unique value proposition.

9. Continuous professional development

To maintain your broker's license you must participate in continuing education programs to renew them. This is an ongoing learning commitment from your side which ensures that you stay informed about changes in laws, regulations and industry best practices.

10. Diversification of services

Diversify the services that you offer. This may include offering specialised services from your side, such as property management, real estate investment, property consulting and more. 

Therefore, a real estate broker license in Arizona provides you with a pathway to increased professional authority, leadership, roles and opportunities. Through this, you can shape your careers based on your interests and expertise.

Arizona real estate broker license

What are the mandatory Arizona Broker License Requirements?

Mandatory requirements to get a broker license in Arizona are established by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. These requirements are subject to change with time. Therefore, it is essential to check with the said department to get the most recent version of it.

Here are some general ones to consider before you apply for a Broker’s license:

  1. You must be 21 years or older.
  2. You must have a minimum of three years of actual experience as a real estate agent before you apply for a broker's license.
  3. We must complete the 90, our state-approved pre-licensing education course within a specified amount of time.
  4. You must pass the mandatory broker examination. This exam is conducted to test your knowledge of real estate laws, regulations and practises that are specific to Arizona.
  5. You must undergo and successfully clear the fingerprint clearance process as a part of your background check.
  6. The last step includes the submission of a completed licence application to the Arizona Department of Real Estate. This application must include proof of your completed education and your examination score along with other eligibility documents.

Along with the core requirement, there are also some additional requirements for obtaining a broker license in Arizona. 

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  1. You must present verification of your real estate experience, which in detail will tell about the duration and the nature of the work that you have done as a real estate license agent in your preceding years. 
  1. You must establish a document proving your legal presence in the United States of America. 
  2. You may present your membership documents to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) so that you can use the term realtor as your professional designation. While it is not mandatory, it is advised for better professional credibility.
  3. You must pay the required application fee that is mandatory. The fee amount may vary according to the course that you have opted for and you must check with the ADRE for the most current information on the same.

The requirements for a real estate broker license may be many but are mandatory so that you have a hassle-free experience in getting your broker's license.

Continuing Education Requirements for Arizona Real Estate Brokers

Continuing education is a programme that is necessary for all real estate professionals to undertake to maintain and renew their existing real estate licenses. You may be a real estate agent, a broker or even a realtor but in the end, you have to take a continuing education program as a part of your career development strategy to go on in the real estate race. 

As part of the requirements, the following are considered important:

  1. Your real estate license, if you're practising in Arizona, including your broker’s license must be renewed every two years. 
  1. You are required to complete a total of 30 hours of continuing education during each renewal period. 
  2. The catch in this 30-hour course is that you must complete a certain number of hours in core education. The topics in the score education may include law, updates, contract issues, Agency, relationships and other essential areas of study.
  3. You Are required to fulfil the ethics training requirement laid down by the National Association of Realtors. This is a part of your continuing education and generally involves a Code of Ethics course.
  4.  You as a broker or required to complete a broker management clinic course as part of your continuing education program. This course focuses mainly on broker management responsibilities which come in handy in real-life scenarios in the real estate industry.

In the end, if you decide to take up a career as a real estate broker in Arizona, you will have the opportunity to take up leadership roles within the real estate industry and enjoy a range of benefits that come with it. Rest assured it is a very rewarding and generous industry but at the same time, it demands a lot of patience, hard work and discipline in your working ethics.