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Joseph M. Insalaco is a commercial real estate broker representing exchange clients in their search for suitable replacement property(s). Specializing in net lease and tenancy-in-common properties.

Exchange clients can utilize our services in one of three ways:

  1. To locate the primary property(s) they exchange into
  2. As a back-up option on their identification form
  3. To absorb the residual equity or financing after the purchase of a primary property. Properties available with assumable non-recourse financing at loan-to-values of 86% or more.


For failed exchanges (full or partial), the Structured Sale strategy is available. This is based on IRC Section 453 installment sale rules and allows a client to continue to defer their gain while investing on a pre-tax basis. Investment options range from fixed insurance accounts to equities and fixed income portfolios. Up to 97% of the deferral account is available under a customized loan program.



Specializes in:

  • 1031 & 1033 Exchange replacement properties
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • PIG/PAL Investment Funds
  • Structured Sales


Contact Information:

Tel: 516-622-2207
Fax: 646-390-0691
Email: [email protected]

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