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Buy your "Cliff Notes" for the KY real estate exam.
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Each lesson focuses on what you want to study.
Practice with the concepts tested on the KY sales associate exam.
Get ready for exam day with six practice tests.

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Walk into your Kentucky real estate exam prepared and confident in your results. The Kentucky real estate exam prep course has pulled the most important information tested on the National and State exam sections, cutting your study time by 90%. Spend your time practicing with the vital content most likely to be on your exam.

Kentucky Real Estate Exam Prep

Easy Preparation

  • Keep your focus on the most relevant information.
  • Practice with potential Kentucky real estate exam questions.
  • Dedicate time on the concepts that matter most to you by working the lessons in any order.
  • The guide summarizes what you learned during the Kentucky Real Estate Sales Associate License Online Course.
  • The Kentucky Real Estate Exam Prep course is your "Cliff Notes" for the KY real estate exam.
  • See what you know with 6 practice tests: 3 for the national exam and 3 for the state exam.

Who is the Kentucky Real Estate Exam Prep Course for?


Many students pass the Kentucky real estate sales associate pre-licensing course only to realize at state exam time that they have forgotten much of the 96 hours of material! This course can help you if you are wondering:

  • Am I ready for the real estate licensing exam?
  • What exam concepts should I focus my studies?
  • What will I be asked on the national section?
  • What will I be asked on the state section of the exam?
  • Will everything we learned going to be on the state exam?
  • Will there be math questions?
  • How challenging are the exam questions?


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Key Concepts

Every study guide lesson presents the terms and content necessary to get ready for your Kentucky real estate exam. Make your exam preparation easier by having a study guide handy!

We Can’t Wait to See You Pass the Exam!

The State requires you to pass the KY real estate sales associate exam to obtain the license.

Use the Kentucky real estate exam prep course to satisfy this requirement.