Maryland Real Estate License Requirements

To sell or lease real estate in Maryland and earn a commission, you must have a Maryland Real Estate License.

The steps to obtain a MD Real Estate License:

Step #1: Complete the 60-hour Maryland Real Estate Salesperson Course.

Step #2: Schedule your MD State License Exam.

Step #3: Take and Pass the State Licensing Exam.

Step #4: Find a Licensed Sponsoring Broker.

Step #5: Apply for your MD real estate salesperson license.

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General Requirements

In Maryland, an applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have demonstrated good character and reputation.

How to Get a Real Estate License in Maryland

If you meet these basic requirements, you can earn your Maryland salesperson’s license in (5) steps.


Step 1: Complete Pre-license Education

Maryland requires salesperson applicants to take 60 hours of pre-licensing education. The 60-hour pre-licensing course must be taken from an approved and state-certified real estate school.

The pre-license course can be taken online or in person.

The Maryland 60-hour pre-licensing salesperson course will have a final exam to cap the coursework. Your course provider will send your testing eligibility to PSI upon successful completion of the course. Your testing eligibility is good for (1) year after passing the course.

Step 2: Schedule Your State Exam

The MREC has contracted with PSI to administer the state licensing exam. After PSI receives your eligibility from your course provider, you will receive an email with scheduling instructions.

You’ll need to contact them to schedule your exam. Find the testing schedule on the PSI website or the state Candidate Handbook.

Online registration is the easiest and fastest way to set up your state licensing exam. You can also call (855) 744-0318 for registration assistance, submit a standard mail or an email registration.

PSI runs testing centers in Baltimore, College Park Center, Crofton Center, Hagerstown Center, Lanham Center, and Salisbury. You can see the testing location addresses in the Candidate Handbook.

The Maryland Salesperson Exam costs $44 and is payable directly to PSI. The company accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover) for payment.

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Step 3: Take and Pass the State Exam

The Maryland state salesperson exam is divided into a national and state section with a total of 110 questions worth 135 points.

The Salesperson Pre-licensure Exam includes:

  1. National section of 80 questions The time allowed is 90 minutes and a passing score is 56.
  2. State section of 30 questions. The time allowed is 30 minutes and a passing score is 21.

The exam includes multiple-choice questions.

Step 4: Choose a Sponsoring Broker

To receive an active real estate license in Maryland, you’ll need a sponsoring licensed real estate broker. The application will require you to submit the intended broker’s registration number and branch office location, if applicable.

You can opt for an inactive license, but you won’t be able to practice real estate and earn a commission for your efforts.

Step 5: Submit Your License Application

You have one year from passing the state licensing exam to submit your licensing application before it expires. The Maryland Real Estate Commission uses an online application process. However, if you have been convicted of a criminal offense or have a previous real estate disciplinary action, you’ll need to submit a manual application.

You’ll receive an email 3-5 business days after passing the state exam with your registration number and application instructions. The original license application fee is $90 and includes the $20 Guaranty Fund payment.

Once your application is approved, and you appear in the state database, congratulations! You are now a Maryland real estate salesperson.

You are notified on-screen immediately upon completion of the exam if you have passed or failed. You’ll also be given an official score report with your score and any diagnostic information. The exam report will also be sent to the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

You must pass both portions of the exam before applying for your license. You have one year from the date on your course completion certificate to pass both sections of the state licensing exam.

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