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Attention New York City Agents: You’ve worked hard. Keep 100% of your commission.

We are New York City’s most agent friendly brokerage offering flexible commission splits up to 100%, buyer and seller leads on demand as well as best-in-class agent tools and technology.

Mont Sky was founded by former investment banking professionals with wide-ranging deal experience. Mont Sky brokers and agents come with experience varying from corporate finance, institutional fixed income sales to management consulting. Rest assured that you will be working closely with the best management in real estate!

Mont Sky Agents.

What Makes Us Different

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  • Buyer and Seller Leads on Demand
  • Up to 100% Commission Split
  • Best in Class Tools and Technology Personalized Training
  • No hidden fees

Our Team

Each agent is offered individualized and custom training, mentorship and support from senior managers

Mont Sky is a meritocratic firm with a flat management structure

We prioritize the professional growth and career development of every agent

Markets We Serve

New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Agents can earn referral fees for deals procured outside of New York City or New York State


154 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013

Mont Sky agents are not required to put in any “face time” at our office. We encourage agents to be efficient with their time by working remotely and being in front of clients as often as possible


To inquire about joining Mont Sky Real Estate, please contact us through our careers page. Call and introduce yourself!

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Leads on Demand

Mont Sky is proud to be the only brokerage in NYC which offers client leads on demand. If you have additional time, simply reach out to the Mont Sky team and let us know. We will send you additional client leads as determined by your availability and performance. Each client we offer you gives you both the direct opportunity to close a deal as well as the ability to help grow your network and future book of business.
NYC is the most lucrative market for real estate agents in the world. The city has the highest property values in the United States and the highest average commission rate of 6%. What that means is that every deal for a real estate agent can be very lucrative. No wonder other brokerages don’t hand out leads to their salespeople!

Up to 100% Commission Split

Typical NYC brokerages will take away 50-70% of the commission you earn as a salesperson. That means you could receive as little as 30% of the actual commission you earned by closing a deal.
At Mont Sky Real Estate, we believe hard work should be rewarded. Our 100% commission split plan is designed to keep you motivated by paying you every single commission dollar that you earn. We prioritize your success before everything else, and doing this leads to the success of Mont Sky itself.


Personalized Training

Whether you are an experienced agent or a new salesperson, you can expect Mont Sky to offer you individualized, one-on-one training to grow your skill set and help maximize your potential as an agent in NYC.

We don’t throw our new agents into the shark tank to fight for survival like most other typical NYC brokerages. Our primary focus is to grow your career, and the only way to do so is to be your advocate and invest consistently in your education and development.

1. Best in Class Agent Tools and Technology

Mont Sky offers its agents the best tools and technology in the industry. As a member of our team you can expect to work with the latest cloud, CRM and mobile office technology as well as best-in-class listing search and syndication software.

With the tools we offer, you will be one step ahead of the competition in everything you do. Our tools help preserve your time for the most important part of being a salesperson in NYC – sourcing and servicing clients.

2. Commission Splits

Mont Sky offers its agents the ability to keep up to 100% of commissions earned. Depending on what plan you choose, you will keep between 75% and 100% of the commissions you bring in on a deal starting on day one of your association with us.
Our agent plans are simple and straightforward without any hidden fees such as desk fees, transaction fees or errors and omissions insurance fees.

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