Nebraska Real Estate License Requirements

To sell or lease real estate in Nebraska and earn a commission, you must have an Nebraska Real Estate License.

The steps to obtain a NE Real Estate License:

Step #1: Take the NE 66-hour pre-license courses.

Step #2: Apply for a Nebraska Real Estate Salesperson License.

Step #3: Submit fingerprints for a criminal history check.

Step #4: Schedule your NE State License Exam.

Step #5: Take and pass the State Licensing Exam.

Step #6: Submit the License Issuance Application and fee.

Step #7: Get Errors & Omission coverage.

Step #8: Take the 12-hour post-licensing course.

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General Requirements

How to Get a Real Estate Salesperson License in Nebraska

All Nebraska salesperson applicants must:

To receive a Nebraska real estate license. If you meet these basic qualifications, you can move through the following (8) steps to earn your license.

Step 1: Take the 66-hour pre-license education

All new Nebraska salespersons must take (2) 30-hour Nebraska Real Estate Commission approved courses. These courses must be taught by an approved school or provider in real estate subjects that are not less than 30 hours of study. Applicants must also take six hours in professional practice and standards, known as course 0003.

Anyone who takes the required education at a college or university will need their course completion documented in the form of official transcripts mailed directly from the college or university to the Commission office as part of the application package.

All the real estate education programs are required to administer a final exam.

Step 2: Submit salesperson license application

Nebraska’s Real Estate Commission recommends your real estate license application be submitted online. You do have the option to download the application and mail it in.

The license application submission must include:

  1. A passport-type photograph showing your head and shoulders that is at least 2x2 inches in size and taken within the last year. Snapshots are okay as long as they meet this criteria. You can submit the photographs separately or as an attachment in an email to [email protected] in a Word, JPEG, or PDF file.
  2. Proof of your high school education or its equivalent. Individuals with a foreign high school education can either submit a transcript from my United States college that shows their education was sufficient for admittance or a document-by-document evaluation report verifying the equivalence of the high school education.
  3. Proof of your pre-licensing education in the form of transcripts or certificates of completion. These can be emailed or uploaded as Word, JPEG, or PDF files. They can also be mailed separately or personally delivered to the real estate commission.

The Nebraska Real Estate Commission highly recommends you review the paper version of its application before you decide to submit the online application. Your application requires information on your prior residences and employment history for the last three years, any other real estate or professional licenses you have applied for or been issued, and any information on lawsuits or criminal offenses.

Your license application and all its associated fees, including the exam fees, are only valid for one year from the date the NREC receives your application in its office. Your exam fee is valid until taken, as long as it is within a year of the application date.

The Nebraska fees are:

  • $135 for the license application fee
  • $150 for the license examination fee


Woman with laptop.

Step 3: Undergo a criminal background check

All real estate salespersons must submit their fingerprints for a criminal background check. Your license application must be on file at the NREC office before the fingerprint cards are released to you.

Your application will not be complete without the criminal background report. The NREC says that it takes four to six weeks on average after submitting the fingerprints for the Commission to receive your criminal background check report.

Follow all of the procedures attached to the fingerprint cards, otherwise you could experience a delay in your processing.

Step 4: Schedule your state licensing exam

The NREC will notify you that it has received your completed application. Testing vendor PSI will send an email once you are approved so you know it’s time to schedule and take the salesperson exam. It is up to the candidate to make an appointment for the exam. You will be required to provide your name and Social Security number to find your record and set the appointment.

The fastest and easiest way to schedule the licensing exam is to go online to Create an account using the same name and email address used on your licensing application. PSI will search for your record and enable you to schedule the test. You can enter your zip code to see which testing centers are nearest to you and their available dates.

Telephone scheduling is also available by calling (855)-834-8748.

If you miss your exam appointment or late cancel, you’ll lose your examination fee and need to reapply to take the test.

Step 5: Take and pass the licensing exam

Bring with you to the testing center two forms of identification. One must be in unexpired driver’s license, passport, military identification, or official state identification with a photograph. The second identification must show your name and signature.

The Nebraska Salesperson Licensing Exam has:

  1. National section with 80 items worth one point each. You must earn 60 points to pass and have 150 minutes to take the test.
  2. State section with 50 items worth one point. You must earn 38 points to pass and have 90 minutes to take the test.
  3. There may be 5-10 experimental questions that do not count against your score.
Man writing on a notepad.

The Candidate Information Bulletin has exam content outlines and the percentage of questions asked in each topic area.

Immediately upon finishing the exam, a score report will appear on the screen. You will also get an official score report essential for your license issuance.

If you fail the exam, you must reapply to take the test through the NREC.

All passing candidates will have 30 days to finish the licensing process.

Step 6: Submit the License Issuance Forms

Post-exam, all licensing candidates must submit to the NREC the License Issuance Form signed by your employing broker and you, indicating you agree to be employed by the broker. The issuance fee for a salesperson license is $80.

Step 7: Obtain Errors & Omission Coverage

All real estate salespersons need to have Errors & Omission insurance. You may obtain insurance from any company authorized by the State of Nebraska Department of Insurance. For this option, submit a Certificate of Coverage to the NREC.

The NREC also offers a group plan underwritten by Williams Underwriting Group. The fee varies by the limits of liability you choose and the month you apply for coverage, but the maximum amount for the year is $235. If you use the group plan, the insurer will send verification to the NREC once your application and payment have been processed.

Nebraska Real Estate Commission will issue you an active real estate license after it verifies your insurance coverage.

Step 8: Take a 12-hour post-licensing course

After your license is issued, you have 180 days to take and submit to the NREC proof of completion of a 12-hour post-licensing course. This course has required knowledge related to real estate practice, like how to handle client funds, listing agreements, and contracts. NREC course number is 7000. Failure to submit proof of completion will result in the license moving to inactive status.

Congratulations, you now can enjoy the benefits of being a Nebraska real estate salesperson!

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