Nevada Real Estate License Requirements

To sell or lease real estate in Nevada and earn a commission, you must have an Nevada Real Estate License.

The steps to obtain an NV Real Estate License:

Step #1: Complete the 90-hour Nevada Real Estate Salesperson Pre-license Course.

Step #2: Schedule your NV State License Exam.

Step #3: Take and Pass the State Licensing Exam.

Step #4: Apply for an NV Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Step #5: Be hired by an NV real estate broker.

Step #6: Apply for your NV real estate salesperson license.

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General Requirements

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Nevada has no other general requirements.


How to Get a Real Estate License in Nevada

There are (6) steps to accomplish to get your Nevada real estate salesperson's license.

Step 1: Complete the 90-Hour NV Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Courses

The Nevada Real Estate Commission requires applicants to complete a 90-hour pre-license education course. The course may be taken in person or online, as long as an approved course provider administers it.

The course requires you to take:

  • 21 hours in brokerage and laws of agency,
  • 12 hours in valuation and economics
  • 12 hours in finance
  • 25 hours in ownership, transfer, and use of property
  • 18 hours in specific state real-estate legislation
  • 2 hours in applied practice and statutory disclosures

Some college coursework may be accepted for your education. If you have 3 credits in real estate principles and 3 credits in real estate law (with 18 hours in Nevada law), you can receive pre-license credit.

You'll earn a pre-licensure education certificate as soon as you pass the final exam.

Step 2: Schedule Your State Exam

Once you pass the 90-hour Nevada pre-licensure course, your next step is to apply to take the state exam.

Nevada has contracted with PearsonVUE to administer the exam. The exams must be done in person and are given in Las Vegas, Elko, and Reno by appointment only.

To schedule your exam, visit First-time users will need to create an account.

You can also opt to schedule your exam by calling (888) 248-8055.

All exam reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. You will need to supply your full legal name, Social Security number, and payment method.

The Nevada Real Estate Salesperson exam fee is $100 per attempt. PearsonVUE accepts debit cards, credit cards, electronic checks, or vouchers.

Step 3: Pass the State Licensing Exam

The Nevada state licensing exam is a comprehensive exam with a national real estate section and a Nevada state section.

The salesperson exam is 120 questions with 5-10 pretest questions, for a total of 130 questions. You will have 240 minutes, or four hours, to complete the test. The sections break down as:

  1. National: A total of 80 questions allotted 150 minutes.
  2. State: A total of 40 questions allotted 90 minutes.


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You must answer 75% of the questions in each section correctly to pass the exam. You will receive your exam results at the testing center immediately after you complete the exam. Passing candidates will receive application instructions.

Now that you have passed your exam, your results are good for one year.

Step 4: Get Your Fingerprints Taken

All Nevada salesperson applicants must get their fingerprints taken before applying for their license. The fingerprint card must be processed by a government or law enforcement agency within the last year. You must submit the fingerprint card with a cashier’s check or money order for $40.25 made payable to the “Department of Public Safety” or a verification form issued by an approved Fingerprint Vendor.

PearsonVUE offers digital fingerprinting to candidates at its test centers in Las Vegas (Flamingo) and Reno. These fingerprints will be transmitted to law enforcement. To be fingerprinted here, you must make a reservation ahead of time.

Vendors may charge an additional fee for their fingerprinting services.

Step 5: Get Hired By a Company

Nevada salespersons must work under the supervision of a licensed broker. You’ll need to be hired by a broker and/or real estate company with a licensed broker before you can submit your salesperson license application.

Step 6: Apply for Your Nevada Real Estate Salespersons License

After passing the state exam, PearsonVUE will give you application information. You have one year from the date of passing your exam to apply for your license.

You’ll need Form 549 to apply for a Real Estate Salesperson License.

The application will ask you to submit:

  • Original fingerprint verification form or form 619
  • Non-residents need a notarized “Consent to service of process) form 656
  • Proof of pre-license education
  • Original passing national and state exam results from PearsonVUE dated within the last 12 months.

Include the $125 license application fee, payable to the Nevada Real Estate Division check or money order. Any in person credit card transactions will have a 2% convenience fee.

Once the Nevada Real Estate Division approves your application, you can start practicing as a Nevada real estate salesperson! Congratulations!

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