Pennsylvania Real Estate License Requirements

In order to sell or rent properties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and earn a commission in the process, you must first obtain your real estate salespersons license.

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What Are The Pennsylvania Real Estate License Requirements?

Here are 4 steps you need to take in order to get your Pennsylvania real estate license:

Step #1
First, you must complete two courses (75 hours in total). These courses must be approved by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission.

The 2 courses include the following:
1) Real Estate Fundamentals - 30 hours
2) Real Estate Practice - 45 hours

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At the end of each of the two courses is a proctored final exam.

Step #2
Next, you must schedule and pass the state licensing exam. The state exam must be taken at a PSI Testing Center.

You should download and carefully read the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin.
Page 3 of the Bulletin explains how to schedule your state exam. You must submit the Examination Registration Form to PSI, along with your two Certificates of Completion, and pay the $49 exam fee. Once PSI approves your state exam application, they will mail you an eligibility notice, at which time you can contact PSI to set up a date and location for your state exam.

The exam consists of a National portion and a State portion.
You must answer at least 60 out of 80 questions correctly on the National portion and 23 out of 30 questions correctly on the State portion in order to pass. You must pass both portions in order to pass the overall exam.

Step #3
The Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission requires that all candidates submit a criminal record check, which can be obtained through the state police's PATCH website. The criminal record check cannot be older than 90 days from the date the Commission receives your license application.

Step #4
Finally, you will have to submit your Salesperson License Application online using the state's PALS website. Once you complete the application and upload the requirement documents, your employing broker must log in and complete their portion of the application.

Once the Real Estate Commission approves your application, you will receive your license in the mail (at your broker's main office) within 7-10 business days.

The general licensing requirements include:



Course Requirements

How to get a real estate license in the State of Pennsylvania?



  • The 75-hour course bundle comprises of 2 courses:
    • Real Estate Fundamentals - 30 hours
    • Real Estate Practice - 45 hours
  • Each course is broken down into chapters and lessons.
  • At the end of each chapter is a multiple-choice quiz.
  • The courses can be accessed 24/7 from any computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • The online course package does not require a textbook.
    However, you can purchase a downloadable PDF of the course textbook separately. The textbooks are meant to be used as a reference to help you follow along with the course. The textbooks are not meant to replace the courses.
  • You will receive your Certificate of Completion for each course immediately after passing the course final exam.
  • State law requires a proctored final exam for each course. Each course final exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions with a passing grade of 70%.
  • The final exams are proctored online through ProctorU. You must make an appointment directly with ProctorU in order to take the final exam(s). Rather than having students drive to a proctoring location for each exam, they can take their exams from the comfort of their own home using the services of ProctorU. Taking the final exams online ultimately provides students with much more convenience, as they do not have to physically travel for each exam.


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