Real Estate Agent Salary NYC

How Much Can You Expect to Make as Real Estate Agent in New York?

According to Indeed the real estate agent salary NYC is around $93,000 on average per year. “Average Real Estate Agent salaries for job postings in New York are 21% higher than average Real Estate Agent salaries for job postings nationwide.”

Salary indeed.

Are you considering becoming a real estate agent?

Then please see if you ever asked yourself any of these questions.



I have been in my job for many years and the work has slowed down for me and the bill don’t stop coming in. I was thinking on a new career which is real estate. Where should I start?


I have worked in my industry for 10 years and the market is pretty much dead right now. I am tired of the ups and downs of not working. I have been thinking about real estate for a long time and want to get into it right now. What should I know before I jump in?


I was wondering if real estate would be a good career for someone straight out of high school. Or if I could be successful in it straight out of high school?


I’m thinking to change my career and go into real estate. Where should I look for real estate classes?


What are the odds to succeed in real estate as I just moved in NY? Do I need a big circle of friends?

If any of these questions crossed your mind then a career in real estate will be appropriate for you
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What You Should Know…

You are currently on this page because you were wondering what the real estate agent salary NYC is. Although this is important you should take a few things into consideration.

Agents who worked in the industry for over 35 years will tell you that they love real estate. It is most probably their only job after college. This is understandable as real estate is one of the few areas where professional level income can be earned without 4-9 years of post-high school education.

Also there is no ceiling on income but be aware that there is no floor as well. This holds you accountable for what you do. You get paid in direct relationship to your skills, effort and productivity. You are your own boss (to some extent). This freedom is precisely why some people shifted from corporate jobs where they did not find the security they needed. Such individuals chose to control their destiny and financial well being through real estate. There are many agents who earn more than 93K.

Owning your small business as a real estate agent comes with many responsibilities. When you are just starting out make sure you keep your 9-5 job for at least for a few month until you get accustomed to the real estate business.

Some people will tell you that they were in a hole as much as 20K before they started making their way up. Be prudent and do not rush in making fast changes.

Next Step… Going Forwards

  • Start your real estate career by taking the Salesperson Licensing Course.
  • Learn from your broker and other colleagues who are in the business for a long time.
  • Focus more on the education side at the beginning. Make sure you are absorbing the right knowledge and focus less on the money. It is first important to become a professional and then money will follow.
  • Start your career now!
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