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In a nutshell

DiGiulio Group is a team with a new approach on real estate in New York. Founded on simple values, creating strong relationships that last, building a brand our clientele connect with and nurturing new and innovating ideas to drive internal growth.

Most important, being part of our team means having the resources of a full service brokerage, while also having a tight-knit group to assist when needed. Despite being a newer brokerage, our business model allows us to compete with our older and larger competitors.

As an indie brokerage, we’re able to do things our way. Our agents enjoy coming to work and love taking care of our clients.

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What Makes Us Different

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  • 24/7 Guidance
  • No Desk Fees
  • One-on-One Mentorship
  • Cutting Edge Listing Database & CRM

Our Team

  • Highly Trained Agents
  • Competitive & collaborative team environment with focus on training and mentoring
  • Access to broker, managers and senor members with open door policy
  • Coaching sessions available
  • Career & business planning
  • Fun, friendly & diverse environment

Markets We Serve

Based in Midtown Manhattan allows our agents quick access to all boroughs.

Agents have access to residential sales and rental database plus commercial listings


DiGiulio Group office is located at West 35th Street and Seventh Ave in Midtown West. Easy access to Penn Station, Port Authority and LIRR. Plus we’re close to nearly every subway line!

Principal Broker / Owner Justin DiGiulio

[email protected]

Why Choose DiGiulio Group

DiGiulio Group originated from a tight-knit team of 12 agents to a full service brokerage of over 100. The growth of the brokerage is direct result of agent development. Our focus is on training and nurturing new agents and creating successful models for their real estate future.

Our approach in training is agent centric. Teaching agents to learn the market and create a solid foundation for their careers allows our agents to take care of their clients needs effectively and efficiently.

Agents walking.

What Makes DiGiulio Group Different

1. Commission Splits
Our agents keep up to 80% of the commission. We believe in taking care of the agent first. It’s not common to have a full service brokerage dishing up high commission splits, but we know what’s important to agents. New agents should focus on training and resources, but not feel like they want to hit the road after they’ve gotten their business up to speed. We have a high retention rate because our agents stick with us. We’ll have your back and we want to keep you on board.

2. Environment
At the core of our brokerage is a team. This team has worked together for many years and we treat each other like family. Since we spend a lot of time working our office can feel like home sometimes. The office is primarily about business, but we keep the mood light and fun. Expect to hear good music, agents and clients laughing and celebrating and agents closing deals. It’s not uncommon to hear a cork pop while we’re signing contracts

3. Agent Development
Agents have two paths they can take from day one. We offer agents a week long training session and then full independence and full access to our expansive resources or agents can interview with teams and choose a team to join. Teams offer daily training and hands on direction for every aspect of the business in exchange for a small shared commission percentage.

4. Resources
Agents have access to listings via our state-of-art database with listings from all throughout New York City, plus additional listing databases. Our shared company drive offers access to all of our training including manuals, videos, phone scripts, specialty articles and more. Every documents is available online from sales contracts, to lease documents and commercial agreements. Anything an agent could ever need can be accessed at any time, from anywhere by WiFi.

5. Social
We’re online! Check is out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp & Google. Our clients love us and our agents love us. We’d love to have the same relationship with you! When the time comes to make the move and choose a brokerage, our doors are open to you!

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