Virginia Proctoring Locations

Choose where to take your RealEstateU final exam


Due to libraries closing as a precaution against the coronavirus, we will start offering online proctoring using the services of ProctorU as an alternative.

ProctorU charges $15 per exam attempt.

However, the benefit of ProctorU is that you can take the exam online from your home.


A Few Things To Know About Your Final Exam:


Please Satisfy the Following Technical Requirements:

- LIVE PROCTORING - most live proctoring locations are closed due to the virus so please choose the online proctoring services as described above.

You MUST first call or email the proctoring location to make an appointment for a mutually convenient time and date! Do not send your exam date and time without having talked to the proctoring location first.

Please scroll down to see the proctoring locations. Many proctoring locations are free of charge; however, if you choose a paid location, you are responsible for paying the proctoring fee.

If you do not see a proctoring location in your area, please email us at [email protected] and let us know. If you have a library in your area who is willing to proctor you, we can coordinate your final exam password and instructions with them. Once you speak with the library and confirmed that they can proctor you, please email us the library name, phone number, and address. We will then follow-up with the library and ensure they have the information needed to host you.

Click on the button below to see the proctoring locations:

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