Easily Pass the West Virginia State Exam

Welcome to the "Cliffs Notes" for the WV real estate salesperson exam.
Inside is all the information needed for passing the state licensing exam.
Personalize your review sessions by picking the lessons to study.
Review all the tested topics on the WV licensing exam.
Be ready for exam day thanks to six practice tests.

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Reduce Exam Study Time by 90%

Stop worrying

Want to be confident in passing on exam day? Show up for your West Virginia real estate exam fully prepared for the test. The West Virginia real estate exam prep course contains all the material you need to understand to pass the licensing exam, reducing your study time by 90%. We did the work for you, pulling the concepts most likely to feature on the test.

West Virginia Real Estate Exam Prep

Easy Preparation

  • Start by figuring out what you already know using the included six practice tests.
  • Focus on the real estate topics you need to review.
  • Practice questions mimic the West Virginia real estate exam.
  • Customize every study session by choosing from targeted, compact lessons.
  • Know your material with this comprehensive review of the West Virginia Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Online Course.

Who is the West Virginia Real Estate Exam Prep Course for?


Many students finish the 90-hour West Virginia real estate salesperson pre-licensing course to realize how much information they’ve forgotten by test time. A study guide helps you internalize the immense amount of information learned in the 90 hours. This prep course answers the questions:

  • Am I ready to pass my WV real estate salesperson exam?
  • What course material should I review?
  • What will be asked on the different sections of the exam?
  • Will everything covered in the pre-license course be on the exam?
  • Do I need to make math calculations?
  • How hard is the licensing exam?


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Key Concepts

Every lesson pulls the most important real estate terms and concepts from the pre-license course to help you be ready for the West Virginia real estate exam. A handy study guide ready at your fingertips makes review sessions so much easier!

We Can’t Wait to See You Pass the Exam!

The state requires you to pass the WV real estate salesperson exam to obtain a license.

Use the West Virginia real estate exam prep course to satisfy this requirement.