Wyoming Real Estate License Requirements

To sell or lease real estate in Wyoming and earn a commission, you must have a Wyoming Real Estate License.

The steps to obtain a WY Real Estate License:

Step #1: Submit Fingerprints for a Background Check.
Step #2: Complete the Wyoming Real Estate Salesperson Courses.
Step #3: Schedule your WY State License Exam.
Step #4: Take and Pass the State Licensing Exam.
Step #5: Purchase E&O Insurance.
Step #6: Submit your Salesperson License Application.

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General Requirements

How to Get a Real Estate Salesperson License in Wyoming


In Wyoming, real estate salesperson candidates must be at least the age of majority by the time they take the salesperson exam. If you meet this basic qualification, you can work through the following (6) steps to earn a Wyoming salesperson license.

Step 1: Submit two (2) fingerprint cards

Before an individual can pursue a Wyoming salesperson license, their first step is to submit fingerprints for an FBI and state DCI background check. You need to submit two blue fingerprint cards in a sealed manila envelope at least 9x9 inches in size.

To get your fingerprints done, call any law enforcement agency and ask for their fingerprinting procedure. Your local law enforcement agency may charge a fee for fingerprinting. Make sure whoever takes your fingerprints is qualified to do so, as they must sign the fingerprint cards. The official also seals the envelope you bring with an official stamp from the department or agency doing the fingerprinting.

Include with the completed fingerprint cards a note or letter with your contact information and a certified check or money order for $39.00 made payable to the Office of the Attorney General. You will need to mail this to the Wyoming Real Estate Commission office at:


Specific instructions and advice are found in the state’s instructions for fingerprinting.

Your fingerprint reports are valid for 90 days after it is issued to the Wyoming Real Estate Commission (WREC). You need to complete the application process before the report expires or you will have to begin again. You can submit your fingerprint cards prior to or at the same time as your license application.

Step 2: Complete the Pre-Licensing Education Courses

The Wyoming Real Estate Commission breaks the pre-licensing education into three courses:

  • Salesperson I Course: agency relationships, contracts, general legal principles, real property ownership, financing, marketing regulations, property management, and calculations.
  • Salesperson II Course: real estate professionalism, environmental issues, state statutory laws, federal laws, roles and responsibilities, relationships, and specifics of real estate practice
  • Wyoming Law Course: This can be combined with Salesperson I or be separate. The course covers: real estate licensing agency powers, licensing, requirements, and additional topics.

Full suggested content outlines are available for these courses. State law dictates the combined total minimum length of Salesperson I and Salesperson II be 30 hours. The Wyoming Real Estate Commission recommends Salesperson I be no less than 40 hours.

Salesperson real estate candidates must take and pass all three of these courses as part of their licensing requirement. You must take the course from one of the approved education providers. The list includes online and in-person learning, so you can select the style that works best for you. Online is the easiest and fastest way to work through the pre-licensing education.

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Step 3: Schedule the Real Estate Licensing Exam

Pearson VUE administers Wyoming’s salesperson licensing exam. All testing must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the desired exam date. The most convenient way to register for your test is to visit Pearson VUE online, register for the exam, and pay the fee. However, you can schedule by telephone by calling (866) 600-5442.

The exam fee is $80 per section if taken at a test center and $90 per section when taken on OnVUE. If you take both sections at once, the fee is $160 at a test center. Your exam fee is payable by credit card, debit card, or voucher. It is non-refundable and not transferable.

Test centers are available in Casper, Cheyenne, Evanston, Gillette, Laramie, Mountain View, Rawlins, Riverton, Sheridan, and Torrington. Days and availability may change. There is also an online testing option, OnVUE.

The Candidate Information Handbook has more information about scheduling and preparing for the exam.

Step 4: Pass the Salespersons Licensing Exam

Bring to the testing center two forms of identification in the English language. One form must be a government-issued ID with your signature and photo.

The Wyoming salesperson exam consists of:

  1. A national portion allotted 2.5 hours to answer 80 questions.
  2. A state portion allotted 1.5 hours to answer 40 questions.
  3. Up to 5-10 experimental questions that do not count towards your score

The Candidate Information Handbook contains outlines on the topics and question numbers in each area for both portions of the test.

All salesperson candidates leave the test center with an official score report. If you are testing online, you need to log into the Pearson VUE account to get the score report.

Score reports are marked as pass or fail. All passing candidates will receive information on applying for their license. Any candidates who do not pass will receive diagnostic information and instructions for retaking the exam. If you fail just one part of the exam, you must retake that part within six months.

The Wyoming licensing exam uses a scaled score to account for differences in difficulty between exam forms. For this reason, the tests are scored from 0 to 100 with a minimum passing score set as 75 on the national and the state portion.

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Step 5: Purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance

All Wyoming real estate professionals must carry current Errors and Omissions Insurance. Wyoming has a partnership with Williams Underwriting Group to administer group E&O coverage. If you choose WUG enrollment, it will verify your coverage directly to the WREC. Premiums vary by the policy chosen and the month of enrollment. The lowest premium for a 12-month policy starting January 2021 was $175.

You do have the option to carry private E&O coverage but must submit a certificate of coverage to the WREC showing it meets the specifications of coverage.

Step 6: Submit Wyoming Salesperson License Application

You have 90 days after passing the exam to submit a complete application and its fees to the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. Refer to the salesperson license application instructions received with your score report. Your license application must include:

Your salesperson application will also ask for your professional licensing history, non-relative character references, and past criminal or litigation history. Applications must be notarized.

The license application fee is $300 payable to the WREC due within 90 days of the last exam date.

Once your application is approved, the license will be emailed to your responsible broker. Congratulations, you are now a Wyoming real estate salesperson!

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