Alaska Real Estate License Requirements

You must obtain a Alaska Real Estate License in order to sell or lease real estate within Alaska and earn a commission in the process.

The steps to obtain a AK Real Estate License:

Step #1: Complete the 40-Hour AK Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Courses

Step #2: Schedule Your State Licensing Exam

Step #3: Pass the State Licensing Exam

Step #4: Purchase E&O Insurance

Step #5: Be Hired By An Alaska Broker

Step #6: Apply for Your Alaska Real Estate Salespersons License

Step #7: Take the 30-Hour AK Post-License Course

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General Requirements

How to Get a Real Estate Salesperson License in Alaska

A salesperson applicant in Alaska must:


If you meet these qualifications, you can earn your Alaska real estate salesperson's license in (7) steps.

Step 1: Take the 40-hour Pre-licensing Education

All new salesperson candidates must take 40 hours of pre-licensing education from an approved education provider. You will learn about real estate practice, federal and state real estate regulations, real estate financing, and other essential topics for working as a salesperson during your course. An online course is the fastest and easiest way to complete your pre-licensing education requirement.

Upon completion, you will receive a course completion certificate that is good for 18 months.

Step 2: Schedule the Licensing Exam

Pearson VUE administers Alaska's Real Estate Salesperson License Exam. You can schedule your exam directly by visiting or calling (800) 274-5592. All applicants must make an exam appointment.

The non-refundable exam fee is $100. Any changes to your exam appointment day must be made 48 hours in advance, or you will forfeit the fee. You directly pay Pearson VUE the exam fee. Pearson VUE accepts credit card, money order, company check, voucher, or electronic check.

Bring to the test center two forms of identification in English. One form of identification must be a photo-bearing government-issued ID. Test centers are available in Juneau, Anchorage, Bethel, Fairbanks, Homer, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Palmer, Seward, and Sitka.

Refer to the Alaska Candidate Bulletin for more information on examination schedules, site locations, exam security, reporting, and preparation.

Step 3: Pass the Licensing Exam

The Alaska state salesperson exam is divided into two sections: general and state law. Both sections are multiple-choice.

The Alaska Salesperson Pre-licensure Exam includes:

  • National section of 80 questions.
  • State section of 40 questions.
  • Up to 5 experimental questions per section that do not count for your score.
  • You have four hours in total to complete both parts of the exam.

Alaska uses a scaled score on its licensing exam. Scaled scores are intended to compensate for variations in exam difficulty and run from 1 to 100. The number does not reflect the actual number of questions asked or passed. A passing score on the salesperson exam is 75.

Woman with laptop.

You will receive a score report marked “pass” or “fail” before leaving the center. Any failed scores will include diagnostic information. If you fail one section and not the other, you still must retake the entire exam. Your exam results are valid for six months.

Step 4: Purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance

All real estate salespersons are required to carry errors and omissions insurance and Alaska. The policy must meet the minimum standards of coverage as detailed in Article 4 of these centralized licensing regulations.

Alaska does offer a group policy through RIAK. Their policies vary by the kind of coverage in its limits. The fee you pay also varies depending on when you enroll. For example, the residential sales coverage only policy starting in January 2021 cost $450. Again, you can select a private carrier as long as the policy meats the required minimum standards.

Step 5: Be hired by an Alaska broker

All Alaska salespersons must work under the supervision of a licensed Alaska broker. A broker must agree to hire you before submitting your license application, as their information is required on your application form.

Step 6: Apply for an Alaska Salesperson Real Estate License

After passing the exam, you have six months to apply for your salesperson license. Alaska gives salespersons the option to use an online application or a paper application. For online applications, follow the instructions to create an account and start the process.

The initial application fee is $200. Your initial licensure also charges a $140.00 license fee and a $50 recovery fund fee, for a total of $390.00. You can pay your fees using a credit card.

Submit with your Alaska salesperson application your:

  • Original exam score showing a passing score within the last six months
  • Certificate of completion for pre-licensing education
  • Proof of errors and omissions insurance
  • Any documentation as required to any positive answers in Part IV of the application

It can take the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development several weeks to process your salesperson application. Once the application has been reviewed, and you have paid the license fee, the license will be issued and sent to you. Congratulations, you are now an Alaska real estate salesperson!

Man writing on a notepad.

Step 7: Post-licensing education

Be aware that all new licensees must take 30-hour post-licensing education within one year of licensure to maintain a Alaska salesperson license. These 30 hours are in addition to the 20 hours of continuing education required for your first renewal.

Your deadline for completing this education is listed on your individual license. If you fail to submit proof that you have taken the post-licensing education, you will be required to pay a license reinstatement fee.

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