45-Hour Florida Post-Licensing Course

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The fastest and most affordable way to get your Florida post-license credits. Here you'll learn:

  • First-time Florida Sales Associates must renew their license within 18 to 24 months of receiving their license.
  • Complete 45-hours of post-license education before renewing.
  • Course covers the 14-hours of continuing education which is required for any subsequent renewals.
  • Expand upon the knowledge gained from the 63-hour Florida pre-license course.


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Florida Post-Licensing Real Estate Requirements

A newly licensed, first-time Florida Sales Associate must renew their license within 18 to 24 months of receiving their license. The renewal date will be either March 31st or September 30th.

Prior to renewing their license, first-time Sales Associates must complete 45-hours of post-license education. Please note that the 45-hour post-license course also covers the regular 14-hours of continuing education (which is required by Sales Associates for any subsequent renewal periods).

The purpose of the 45-hour post-license course is to expand upon the knowledge gained from taking the 63-hour Florida pre-license course for Sales Associates, and offer practical and effective skills that you can apply to your day-to-day practice as a real estate professional in Florida.

Once you complete the 45-hour post-license course, you can then renew your license online through your myfloridalicense.com account and pay the $32 renewal fee.

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What’s Included in Our Course:


45-hour Florida Post-License Course for Sales Associates​

The RealEstateU 45-hour Online Florida Post-License course for newly licensed Sales Associates is fully online.
You can take the course anywhere using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Chapter 1: Real Estate Specialization (1 hour)

Chapter 2: Florida License Law Review (3 hours)

Chapter 3: Florida Brokerage Relationships Review (2.5 hours)

Chapter 4: Property Disclosure & Professional Practices (3 hours)

Chapter 5: Brokerage Practice Regulations (2.5 hours)

Chapter 6: Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant Laws (2 hours)

Chapter 7: Condos, Coops, Timeshares, HOAs, CDDs (2 hours)

Chapter 8: Foreclosures and Short Sales (1.5 hours)

Chapter 9: Real Estate Market Economics (2 hours)

Chapter 10: Estimating Property Value (3 hours)

Chapter 11: Real Property Investment Analysis (2.5 hours)

Chapter 12: Property Insurance (2 hours)

Chapter 13: Risk Management (3 hours)

Chapter 14: Property Management (3 hours)

Chapter 15: Construction Terminology (2 hours)

Chapter 16: Elements of the Listing Process (2.5 hours)

Chapter 17: Fulfilling the Sales Contract (2 hours)

Chapter 18: Real Estate Math (5 hours)

Practice Exam (30 minutes)

Final Exam For The 45-hour Florida Post-License Course for Sales Associates​ 

At the end of the course is a final exam, which consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, with a passing score of 70% (70 questions).
There is a 200 minute time limit for the final exam.
You will earn your Certificate of Completion for the course immediately after passing the course final exam.

Once you pass the final exam, RealEstateU will report your course completion information to the DBPR within 5 business days. Please note, you cannot renew your license until the DBPR receives your course completion information from RealEstateU. For this reason, please allow enough time before your license expiration date for the DBPR to receive and process your course completion information.

Students have 6 months to complete the full 45-hour post-license course.

45-Hour Florida Post-Licensing Course

Online Course For Sales Associates. The fastest and most affordable way to get your Florida post-license credits!

$99 $79

Renew Your License Online