Indiana Real Estate License Requirements

To sell or lease real estate in Indiana and earn a commission, you must have an Indiana Real Estate License.

The steps to obtain an IN Real Estate License:

Step #1: Complete the 90-hour Indiana Real Estate Broker Course.

Step #2: Schedule your IN State License Exam.

Step #3: Take and Pass the State Licensing Exam.

Step #4: Apply for your IN real estate broker license.

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General Requirements

There are a few general requirements you must satisfy in order to apply for an Indiana real estate broker's license:

1) An applicant must be at least 18 years of age before applying for a license.

2) Have a high school diploma or general education development (GED) diploma.

3) Applicants cannot have a conviction for any crime that directly impacts the individual's ability to practice competently, a crime that indicates the individual has the propensity to endanger the public, or any acts that would be grounds for disciplinary sanctions under Chapter 11 Professional Licensing Standards of Practice, section IC25-1-11-5 of the Indiana Code.

How to Get a Real Estate License in Indiana

If you meet these qualifications, it takes four steps to earn your real estate broker's license.


Step 1: Complete the 90-Hour Indiana PreLicense Broker Course

Complete the Indiana 90 Hour Pre-license Broker Course. The course must be taken from one of the Indiana Real Estate Commission’s approved education providers.

During the 90 hours of instruction, the curriculum will cover principles, practices, Indiana license law and professional standards, law of agency, contracts, financing, settlement procedures, escrow responsibility, recordkeeping, government regulations, and appraising.

The pre-license course can be taken online or in-person.

The broker course will have (3) written examinations of 100 questions each. The exams are evenly spaced throughout the course. Students must earn a score of at least 75% to pass each test and successfully complete the broker pre-licensure course.

You will receive the Course Completion Certificate immediately after passing the third course exam.

Step 2: Apply for the State Exam

Apply to take the Indiana state licensing exam after completing your 90-hour pre-license course.

PSI administers Indiana's Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam. Schedule your exam directly by visiting or calling 1-800-733-9267.

The exam costs $53 per exam attempt. You will directly pay PSI for the exam.

Bring your course completion certificate with you to the exam, along with two forms of identification.

It is important to note that you have up to one year after completing your course to successfully pass the state exam.

Refer to the Indiana Real Estate Commission License Examination Candidate Bulletin for information on examination schedules, site locations, exam security, reporting, and preparation.

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Step 3: Take and Pass the State Exam

The exam is divided into two sections: the National portion and the State portion. You must take and pass both parts within (1) year of the date on the course completion certificate.

The Indiana Broker Pre-licensure Exam includes:

  1. National section of 75 multiple-choice questions, worth 80 points. A passing score is 60 points. The time allowed is 150 minutes.
  2. State section of 50 multiple-choice questions, worth 50 points. A passing score is 38 points. The time allowed is 90 minutes.

Students must pass both portions to pass the overall exam. If you fail one section, you can retake just the failed portion as long as you do so within (1) year of the required pre-licensing education.

You will receive a score report on-screen and it will be emailed to you immediately upon completion of the exam.

You can take the state licensing exam as many times as needed until you pass.You simply have to pay the exam fee for each attempt.However, you must pass the exam within one year of completing the 90-hour IN pre-license course.

Step 4: Apply for Your License

You have one year after successfully passing both portions of the state license exam to apply for a broker's license with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency or IPLA.

You can apply for your Indiana Broker’s license by mailing in a paper application to the Indiana Real Estate Commission.

Include the following with your application:

  • A check or money order payable to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency or "IPLA" of $60.00
  • Your Course Completion Certificate from the 90-hour IN Pre-License Broker Course (which the Commission uses as evidence that you have completed their education requirements).
  • Your score report from the PSI state licensing exam (which the Commission uses as evidence that you have passed the state licensing exam).
  • If applicable, any court documentation and sworn statements regarding any positive responses on the applicant screening form.
  • Verification of any license held in any regulated profession in any other state.
  • Information about your sponsoring broker.

See the full instructions for completing your broker application.

Indiana classifies licenses as active, inactive, referral, and unassigned licenses.

You must have a sponsoring broker in order to receive an active broker’s license.An active broker’s license is required to practice as a real estate broker in Indiana.

If you do not have a sponsoring broker, your license will be placed in an "Unassigned" status. To move to "Active," submit a reassignment form or transfer your license to a company or managing broker using the online transfersystem.

Indiana no longer prints and mails licenses. You can obtain a free copy of your license by logging into the State’s website.You can also purchase a permanent license card, a wall certificate, or a digital certification for $10 each.

Congratulations, you are now a licensed Indiana real estate broker!

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Step 4: Apply for a Temporary Alabama Real Estate License

Once you pass your state exam, you have 90 days to apply for the Temporary Salesperson's License, starting with the day you pass the exam.

You need the following to complete the application:

  • Proof of age
  • Proof of high school education or its equivalent
  • Proof of state residency
  • Submit fingerprints for federal and state criminal background check (see details in next step)
  • Alabama non-residents must submit Consent to Jurisdiction Form

The fee for the temporary real estate salesperson license totals $210. It includes a $150 license fee, $30 research and recovery fee, and $30 recovery fund fee.

Once your active license is issued to your qualifying broker, you can begin to engage in real estate business.

Step 5: Submit Fingerprints for a Background Check

Alabama requires all applicants to submit fingerprints for a federal and state background check. The Commission exclusively uses the processing company Gemalto.

The applicant must coordinate their application submission with their fingerprint submission as the Commission will only have access to the background check information for 30 days. Therefore, the Commission strongly recommends applicants submit their application on the same day as they submit their fingerprints.

Find full fingerprint scanning and processing instructions at Make sure the name you submit is the same as the one as your driver's license. The fingerprinting fee is $48.25, payable online with a credit or debit card during registration. You can pay at the fingerprint site with a money order or cashier's check.

Step 6: Take a 30-hour Post-Licensing Course

After the Alabama Real Estate Commission receives your application and background check results, it will issue a temporary license good for one year. To receive a permanent active license, you must complete an additional 30 hours of post-licensing education. The 30-hour Post Licensing Education focuses on the operations involved in a real estate practice.

Note: your active temporary license is only good for six months; after that, it will be classified as inactive.

Step 7: Apply for Permanent License

Once your post-licensing hours are completed, you must submit an Application for Real Estate Salesperson's Original License by logging into Online Services or printing one from the commission website. The Salesperson License fee is $85 for a single year for $170 for a two-year period, plus $10 for certification of licensure. Your permanent license will be issued directly to your supervising qualifying broker.

Congratulations! You are now able to practice as a real estate salesperson in Alabama.

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Top 3 FAQ's On Getting Your License In Indiana

Can I take the Indiana pre-license course if I'm still in High School?

Yes, you are allowed to take the 90-hours IN Broker Pre-license course while still in high school. The Indiana Real Estate Commission only requires that you are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED when you submit your broker license application.

How can I take the 90-hour Indiana real estate license course?

See the state’s list of pre-approved education providers. Providers offer the courses as in-person classes or as an online course.

Can I take the 90-hour Indiana real estate license course online?

Yes, as long as the course is provided by a state-approved education provider, you can take it online. Many students prefer to take the course online since it allows them to take the course at their own pace.

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