Easily Pass the New Hampshire State Exam

This is the "Cliff Notes" for the NH real estate licensing exam.
Find the information you need to review to pass the exam.
Make the most of every study session. Target what you want to review.
Get an overview of the key concepts tested on the NH exam.
Six practice tests prepare you for the big day.

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Reduce Exam Study Time by 90%

Stop worrying

Don’t let exam anxiety impact your score. Be confident thanks to your New Hampshire real estate exam preparation. The New Hampshire real estate exam prep course teaches the essential material tested on the state licensing exam, cutting your study time by 90%. We’ve done the work for you by creating review material on the national and state real estate concepts likely to appear on the test.

New Hampshire Real Estate Exam Prep

Easy Preparation

  • Forget the fluff and study what you need to know.
  • Potential New Hampshire real estate exam questions get you ready for test day.
  • Spend more time on the course material that matters for your success.
  • The course is like a summary of the New Hampshire Real Estate Salesperson Pre-license Course.
  • Think of the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam Prep course as a "Cliff Notes" for the exam.
  • See what you’ve mastered with 6 practice tests: 3 with national exam questions and 3 with state exam questions.

Who is the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam Prep Course for?


Many students successfully work through the New Hampshire real estate salesperson pre-licensing course. Then on exam day, they realize they forgot much of the essential information, when it’s too late to review. This course helps you avoid wondering:

  • Am I ready for the licensing exam?
  • What exam content should I make sure I know?
  • What national real estate topics are covered?
  • What state real estate material will be tested?
  • Is everything from the pre-license course on the exam?
  • Are there math questions?
  • How hard are the exams?


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Key Concepts

Every lesson draws from the terms and critical concepts found on the New Hampshire real estate licensing exam to help you prepare. Having a study guide at the ready will make passing so much easier!

We Can’t Wait to See You Pass the Exam!

The State requires you to pass the NH real estate salesperson exam to obtain the license.

Use the New Hampshire real estate exam prep course to satisfy this requirement.