The Best Digital Tools For Real Estate Agents

By Ciprian Morariu Published: June 3, 2021

Did you recently get your real estate license or are you on your way to getting one? Have you been trying to gain inspiration from more experienced agents and are wondering how they do it? We bet you’re thinking that those successful agents are so organized and collected. While a lot of that comes with time and experience, the best real estate agents utilize digital tools that help streamline processes and make their jobs easier.

There’s a world of difference between being a good real estate agent and a great one! You need drive and ambition to succeed, but you also want to have the best tools at your disposal to help you build relationships and do your job at a higher level. Here are a few of the best digital tools for real estate agents to help you become more successful as a real estate agent.

The Best Digital Tools For Real Estate Agents

10 Awesome Digital Tools For Real Estate Agents

As a new real estate agent, your first year is all about learning how to run a successful business and getting a few transactions under your belt. Hopefully, you’ll have a great brokerage to work for to help you navigate. Plus, with the following tools, you’ll be able to grow your business, manage your clients, and maybe even become a little more productive.

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With DocuSign, you can make it easier than ever to get your clients’ signatures electronically. This means faster deals, no lost paperwork, and less waste in general! All your signed documents are saved securely in the cloud.

The great thing about this app is that your clients can sign from anywhere! They don’t have to be in your office to sign, so you can submit offers on the spot. You can upload the documents directly to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or wherever else you store documents. DocuSign electronic signatures are legally binding and can be used successfully in any real estate transaction.

G Suite

Small business owners like real estate agents should definitely be using G Suite. G Suite is Google's collection of cloud computing tools that includes Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive. You’re likely already using Gmail, so it should be no problem integrating the rest of the suite into your daily routine. From Google Docs to Google Drive, to Sheets, and more - the possibilities for organizing all of your business documents are endless.


CamScanner is a mobile app that turns any smartphone into a digital scanner. Scan all of your real estate documents and save them in the cloud. It allows you to share these documents with your team and clients, print them wirelessly, or even fax them to whatever destination. CamScanner auto enhances the image quality of each scan so that every document is high-resolution and professional.

A huge benefit that comes with CamScanner is that you can convert your images into text files so that you can quickly search your scanned documents with keywords found from the text. No more shuffling through piles of paperwork!


A huge part of any real estate agent’s job is marketing, which is why we’ve included Canva on our list of digital tools for real estate agents. You’ll need postcards, brochures, flyers, and more - but we know that you might not have an eye for design, which is where Canva comes in. It’s an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop graphic design tool that enables you to create professional assets without the hassle and frustration.

Check out all of their amazing templates to start with!

Wise Agent

Especially when you’re a new agent, you should consider adding a CRM to your arsenal of digital tools. CRM stands for customer relationship management, and Wise Agent is a popular one for agents. These types of tools allow you to manage all of your interactions with your clients so that you provide the best service possible. Wise Agent allows you to store a great deal of client information, including addresses, birthdays, and more!

In Wise Agent, you can create a call list to see who you need to contact each day and where they are in your sales pipeline. You can track notes, important details, and key information that could otherwise get lost in the daily shuffle. Wise Agent could become the all-in-one solution that guides you through buyer or seller transactions with pre-made checklists. The best CRM’s will integrate with all the other tools that you’re using, so check for those as you’re doing your research.


Trello is another go-to app that real estate agents should use for task management. Trello allows you to create lists and visualize your tasks. It basically is a virtual sticky note system that you can quickly and easily organize into specific lists. This is great for real estate agents as you can manage transactions, assign jobs for your assistant, and drag tasks from one list to the next.

You can even upload images, add due dates, leave comments, and more!

Calendar and Scheduling Tool

Something you should definitely add to your list is a scheduler and calendar app. Rather than get confused or potentially miss appointments, track all of your appointments in one place. There are several apps you can use to help end the back and forth communication and help your clients book appointments and calls with you.

Calendly is one app that helps connects your calendar and shows clients your availability. It can be embedded into your website so that new prospects can easily book meetings with you too. Another app, ShowingTime, can help you schedule and confirm showings while gathering feedback about your listings. It also includes lead management tools to help you track prospects.

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Digital Tools for Real Estate Agents: Conclusion

The best agents look for the tools that will integrate with their brokerage and help reduce the time they spend doing administrative-type work. They’ll have systems in place to help them stay organized with their task load.

When you use digital tools to streamline your paperwork and communication, you can spend more time following up on leads and closing deals.

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