Do I need to apply for a SC license if I am licensed in another state?

The South Carolina Real Estate Commission recognizes the qualifications of real estate salespersons licensed in other jurisdictions. The state of Georgia has been issued full reciprocity, while other jurisdictions are likely to be exempt from the national portion of the real estate exam and potentially all or a portion of the pre-license education requirements.

That being said, you must still apply for and take the South Carolina portion of the state real estate exam. In addition, you will need to submit a certificate of licensure for every real estate license you have held outside of South Carolina, at any point during the past five years. You must also have held a valid license within the past six months in order to avoid having to take the national portion of the licensing exam. Being able to provide proof of your licensure, as well as your past education, is key to earning exemption from parts of the South Carolina real estate license process.