Do I need to take the state exam if I hold a license in another state?

If you hold, or have held, an active real estate license from another state and have now moved to Tennessee, you may qualify to have your real estate coursework and passage of the national portion of the exam substitute for Tennessee’s required coursework and national part of the state exam. You would still need to take the Tennessee-specific portion of the state exam.

You will need to download and complete Worksheet A, which will help you understand the requirements you will still need to meet. Once complete, you should submit it to [email protected], along with a certified license history from every state where you ever held a license.

When making your request for your certified license history, do not have it sent directly to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. Instead, have it forwarded to your own email or physical address. Then, email your license history together with a completed Worksheet A to [email protected] You can expect it to take 10-15 business days for review, but once complete, you’ll be notified of next steps via email.

You can expedite the review process if you also provide certificates of completion for pre-license and continuing education coursework.

Expect to be asked for proof of passing a national real estate exam. You must have passed the exam sometime after June 30, 1980, with a minimum passing score of 70% on the national section (sometimes called the uniform section) of the exam in order to be granted a waiver for that portion of the Tennessee state exam.

However, if the state where you passed your real estate exam and achieved your license does not use the uniform national section, and created its own instead, you will be required to take both parts of the Tennessee state exam.